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1. Braids! I have always thought all of them are french braids! Just different people who tie them would come up with different styles. Now I know! I particularly like the fish tail 😉tumblr_lo204dmc3T1qfz8nwo1_500 2. The cake looks awesomely delicious and its OREO!tumblr_lkcshozpvP1qc6czfo1_500 3. Been sometime I did not make any cupcakes. I guess the next few years, I would be busier than now. Yet, I am totally looking forward to it!tumblr_lnq0uhwtJt1qglep7o1_500 4. Reminds me of the time when I would sit/stand at the centre square, listening to performances. One day, I wish to sit leisurely with a special him, somewhere in Europe, enjoying the ambience! SONY DSC 5. I have always been known as a playful one =P And I yearn for the day when I would be free enough to go all artsy fartsy again =P teeheeetumblr_lo3z2acNek1qcxieko1_500 6. This speaks my heart. But then right after how I was treated, I do not feel it so strongly anymore. tumblr_lo4dvjpZvQ1qb8a3ro1_500 7. One day, I would pack my luggage as simply and leave to travel the world! 😉tumblr_lnz98vBptI1qiztato1_500 8. This is so true, except for stop dreaming =P tumblr_llv4pqtjaC1qaobbko1_500 9. And these are dream catchers. I wish to have a green one! teeheetumblr_lnyi6hbAJW1qagp3eo1_50010. I have been overeating but I skipped swimming just now. Just felt lazy. Wanted to enjoy the time in bed and also to help Mich with some stuff. I thought that would make me feel very much accomplished. Nonetheless, that feeling is not here =(tumblr_ln5pfuxXX51qetolfo1_500Back to work soon,

The one who wish life is a fairy tale. 


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