What matters yesterday might not matter today.

Yesterday I had lots to blog about. But weariness overcame my will/thoughts.

I am now left a blank paper in my thoughts. Yet, I want to blog. Maybe it is time to just let my fingers type away =P

Or perhaps I should go with the ten random happenings?

Here we go…

1. I had been in and out of hospital/clinics. Everything turned out clear but I do not know to be happy or sad. Happy because everything is seemingly fine or sad because I still do not know what is wrong with my body?

2. I am having fun at work. Like finally. I guess it is because of the environment. It matters a lot that I now work at ease and not in suppression. Yet, I worry if I can handle what will be given to me. I would always be very confident in handling the things. Just, I felt so sorry to have to always trouble Jeremy =S And such is life?

3. I have decided to do Masters, part time. Yes, that is on top of working full time =) I am determined to make it work. And of course, I know it is going to be hard. The occasional reminder from friends do keep me up with the reality check. Really appreciate that but I know I will be able to handle it. Even if I suffer, it would just be a maximum of three years! But since I am choosing things that I enjoy doing, why would that be a “suffer”?

4. I recently read my bestfriend’s long abandoned blog. She updated around her birthday I guess. And it is only then it made me realised everyone crave for a lover. Someone just for them to talk to, hug and kiss with, accompany thyself and do whatever things… Even though they do not show it =S But I do believe a lonely one would find his/her lonely one, one day and so will YOU. I do hope you understand =)

5. Just recently, I cannot stress on how much I dislike talking to bimbotic girls, or even guys (not that I have met of any yet). There is just times when there is some people who would look at me and very INSINCERELY tell me how sweet and nice I am =.= And REPEATEDLY =S And why would you want to ask my opinion when you would just have your own opinion to cover mine? If you are not ready to accept other’s opinion, STOP asking! I would just ignore or give my one cent half-heartedly!

6. I dislike being late to a meet-up, date, event, work etc. Just the idea of being late =( And I have been late a few times to work due to some reasons. Justifiable but then I already have that negative feeling. YET… to have someone tell me stuff like: “I thought I was the latest to arrive to work this morning, I did not know you were later…” HELLO! I did NOT do that on purpose =S I felt the urge to talk back at her but then as how I have always been, I do not act harshly in public *shyyy* I just told her: “Sorry, I informed Helen, Jeremy and Reese prior to coming in late AND I would explain to JL NOW” =.=

7. Oh shit. I am being more and more longwinded as the post go on =S Point #7 would just state how I have been overeating =P  268302_10150306981795110_683805109_9591402_7746505_n8. I went to Bridex and totally enjoyed it. Met a few people and saw lots of handsome Caucasians *shyyy*269567_10150306980950110_683805109_9591396_5567462_n

9. And I saw an Albert Einstein mix KFC’s Colonel =P 270770_10150306974510110_683805109_9591269_8246473_nHe is rather friendly. I thought he would be frustrated as how he heard of the remarks about his being an Albert Einstein or being related to KFC’s old man =P

10. And I realised I do miss a specific someone a lot =(


The one who is positive in accepting what the future brings =)


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