Many thanks

Many thanks to those who are still reading. After such a long hiatus, I never expected so many reads. Especially when I have already removed the link from my Facebook.

Eventhough I only add my friends (those that I have seen and talked to personally) except for a few online acquaintances, I still feel I need more privacy =/

And checking back the statistics, there is actually PEOPLE (I hope =P) who would come back checking. I am very happy indeed that there is no one day that is of ZERO visitor =P

I do not know who you all are. Whether you are here to read or to care or to just kpc, I am thankful for that =)

Very grateful indeed,

The one who thinks knowing who cares might be just nice =) *drop me a line here/FB/Gmail*


P.S. Oh! And I am now using Google Plus. Anyone who wants an invite (whether I know you or not), I am very willing to do so ;-] Just let me know 😉


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  1. 1

    Vik Parmar said,

    Hi there! Any chance I can score a G+ invite? Many Thanks!

  2. 3

    sherkhan said,

    what a demanding DDLY BBB gal, no update still expect ppl come see LOL

  3. 5

    lopaknai said,

    above is my comment

  4. 7

    Von said,

    Hi my dear ching ching,

    Of course you are always being cared and loved by me! You are always my dear sweet friend. Looking forward to build even more wonderful memories with you. Take care dear. I wish you well in your career and studies and everything in life.


    • 8

      CC said,

      Thank you Von Von <3<3<3 Same to you! And let's work really hard for our future and what we want. Maybe one day, I will meet you in Europe or in Asia =P


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