Along the journey…

I forgotten I once wanted to go on a hot air balloon.  tumblr_lobfl8FcIY1qcxieko1_500I forgotten I wanted to enjoy the sunrise/sunset on a slope.tumblr_lo93720dIj1qcxieko1_400I forgotten I wanted to fly the kite high and enjoy the breeze.tumblr_lmtduoyGgW1qcxieko1_500I forgotten I wanted to do something as thrilling as bungee jumping and zorbing.tumblr_loi80plV0d1qcxieko1_500I forgotten I wanted to go travelling and meet people from all walks of life.tumblr_lo93y9KnAM1qcxieko1_500Most important of all, I forgotten I needed to rest before continuing the long journey.tumblr_loi81f5coa1qcxieko1_500Being forgotten is also an issue,

The one who wants to wander around somewhere…


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