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Selamat Hari Raya

My warmest greetings to all the Muslims out there 😉 Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf zahir dan batin 😉 [Yes, this is Brunei’s way of saying it =P]

Brunei is later than the other countries in celebrating the Raya. Well, maybe same as Indonesia only? =D Just in a blink of eye, puasa is over, no more sungkai buffet. [Sungkai = breaking of fast].

This year, I missed having lekors during Sultan’s birthday month-long celebration and also did not have kausar during the puasa month =[ Oh well, those were the things I used to look forward to when I am in Brunei during those festivities. Just like how you will have mooncake during the mid-autumn festival!

Nothing much but to re-visit Malaysia during this holiday 😉

Season’s greetings,

The one who LOVES holiday! =P


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People change…

And that includes me. I would always love to think I changed for the better. Well, who doesn’t?

Since I turned a teenager, my family says not to trust easily. I have always been like this anyway. But even when I said goodbye to my teenage years, I still haven’t learnt.

Now is really a time to learn that not everyone around you is kind and nice. Even they are, it is just a good nature. They are NOT obligated to be kind and nice to you.

The very first thing that I am going to learn from today onwards is not to complain when someone is being unkind to me. I have to remember “to be kind to everyone for everyone is fighting a hard battle (Plato)”.

They are rude/unkind at that time maybe because they are facing some hardships. No matter how bad people treat you, just stay calm and be nice. When you start to avenge, it is the time you should also realise you are NO DIFFERENT FROM THOSE RUDE PEOPLE. And kindness should start from oneself =)

I also will learn “MYOB”. Something so simple yet so hard to achieve. But I know I can do it if I want to =D You know? I have forgotten to thank someone really kind. There is this salesman at my work place, let’s call him Mr C. I rarely talked to him and I tend to not talk to salesperson, given the warning that they are a difficult bunch. But this Mr C, he approached me personally twice. I never really gave serious thoughts at first when he talked to me. I thought he was just being friendly and gave some day-to-day advice.

There is this second time when he talked to me. I was really unhappy at work then. He could see it all written over my face. He talked to me for a good half an hour, telling me to “just be myself, do what I must, do not talk so much to others and MYOB” I never realised what is going on up till recently only when Julia’s case happened.

Julia’s story and her words really told me a lot about what the world outside the little office I am in now is like. It is so scary. It has not reach me YET but I would NEVER want to go there even. I will learn to be the good kid, stay safe at home with my zhu papa. And Mr C’s words now come back to me. It strikes me hard on how nice he was, giving me that simple yet gentle reminder.

1. Be nice.
2. Complain less.
3. MYOB.

Three things only. Easy enough? =D I am very forgetful, please always remind me. Thanks to zhu papa also. It has been a long time that I did not do some good self-reflection. I will be a good girl =) *pats self on the back*

Changing for better,
The one who loves herself.

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What a day!

Had my first real lab today as a master student. It was really tiring! I did not have any food or drink at all the whole day. Walked between the ground floor and second floor countless times TT

I was hungry. I was thirsty. I was tired. From 8 am right till to 5pm. NON-STOP. First meal at 5.30pm. Phewwww…

My legs were practically going so sore and numb =S I stood all the while trying to fit the glassware together. It was a really good effort because I got praises from Dr M! He was very impressed that I set up the experiment quite well albeit it was my first day, first experiment.

He was unhappy that I did a replicate. Not really unhappy. Just he could not understand from my point of view. But nonetheless, he was right too since the chemical is quite expensive. Each reaction, I would require 0.5g and I only have 5.0g of it. This means I could only run the experiments for a total of nine times (excess is used rather than exact amount – hard to measure 0.5000g).

Dr W came and had a look. He was like the excited boy when he knew I made my first experiment! The original colour was pale yellow and as the reaction proceed for about two and a half hours, a bluish green precipitate was observed. He said to not expect much colour change for organic reactions. So there MIGHT be something wrong.

Dr Y is my principal supervisor (I have four and three of them came to have a look today. The other one is Dr T, the only female supervisor I have got. She was nowhere to be seen!) and he came over to have a quick look and went back to a meeting and also to search the compound online. Just right before I left, he gave me a very positive news! The green compound fits the description of the other’s findings. Some other did the same thing and got a green solid, albeit using different reaction pathway.

This really made my day but Dr Y says I have yet to confirm it using NMR 😉 I will be able to use the high tech equipment next week =D Wheee

All the tiredness just suddenly felt so worth it. I must also thank papa Jeremy A LOT! He has been a good human alarm clock to me since yesterday. Blessed! =) If he had not waken me up yesterday, I could not have done the revision yet get the sleep that I require. If he had not waken me up just now, I could not have read the article Dr Y just sent me and also to blog today’s experience =D

I know I will have a harder time but everything will be alright! I am definite that things will work out fine with such good team of supervisors and also supportive people around me ❤

Big steps ahead,

The one who will give 101%

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Hope ICY can be saved ;-)

I realised ICY might still be under warranty because I remember signing up online for a three years warranty. And to my amazement, it was somewhere in my gmail stating that the warranty lasts until 2012! 😉 WHEEEEE~

But does the warranty includes that sensor cleaning service? >< GAHHHH~

Apparently Jeremy told me there is a CANON dealer in Brunei 😉 Not sure where it is. But someone knows! Hmmm… will see if I can get it fixed. I sent a few emails already. Perhaps I should wait for some response first =D

Stay positive,

The one who is grateful to have well-informed friends! 😉

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Can someone bring ICY back to life? =(

Sighhh ICY is…

Going to retire soon =( All cause there is no doctor suitable to cure it =(

It has a big black dot right in the middle of the screen. And I thought it won’t affect the pics. YET IT DOES! =[ It has been like this for quite some time but I could not bothered about it. I came back without any urge to take pics. And when I am back into taking pics again, I could not =( DREADFUL!

Actually it is still fine, just need some sensor cleaning! But the thing is there is no Canon centre here =( And ALL the camera shops do not offer such services! wtf!

So I am about to give up after going into so many shops and being given those cruel words of rejection =(

I am considering to get another new Canon. I am always a Canon fan, don’t try to convince me otherwise =P Thinking of getting G12. Hmmm… wonder if I should have grass for meals only or just scrap that idea off =S

I would really need a camera during CNY/holiday trips only. Oh no! I would need one for lab, to get the apparatus and results down in pictures too. Gahh!

Ok, I have a spare camera at home, which is not mine, of course! Sighhh!

To buy or to not buy,

The one who is pondering over that question =[

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As of now…

1. Life’s been treating me well recently, except for those sleepless night. Haha. But it is more like I am fighting against time and not willing to spend my time sleeping. Rather do something, read something, play something, hahaha…

2. Work is good too. So far so good, that is! =P It is now the ambience of the lab. Hehe. Well, maybe like what people said before *prasan* I have the ability to bring that cheerfulness to wherever I go. It is good to actually work in a happy place. One thing for sure, I love it very much.

3. The car is… teehee~ They said it will be written off to the insurance. Then at one point, it is not possible. Yet again, it might just be written off. Or… not possible? I am not sure. But the conclusion: the car will NEVER be home again. They are now searching for a secondhand car for me =S Or maybe a new car? Not sure. Do not care too =P

4. I still want to get another pair of Hush Puppies =( I really love the other one! HOW? I do not have that much feet, why buy so much? *ponder ponder ponder* BUT I LOVE IT! =( Damn, why is it so expensive? =(

5. I do not know what holds for the near future. I am scared of changes, yet knows change would of course be for the better. The biggest variable now is work. I do not know how my work will be like in the future. The bosses are pleased with my work and attitude? The seniors think I would be capable of handling what I would be given? The others at work will never have conflict with me? I am so afraid that one day, just because of how naive and stupid I am, I might just do/say a silly thing or even gave a silly remark, resulting in LOTS of complications =( I HATE COMPLICATIONS! (yet I am easily rolled into them TT)

6. Swimming. At a satisfying pace 😉 I can do free style, breast stroke and back stroke. Learning how to do butterfly now. I feel that my stamina is still very bad =( Gahhhh…

7. I think I am over-ambitious! I want to learn some Japanese now (considering that I am working for a company that deals heavily with Japanese). It would be good to know some basics. And also because I know one day, I would travel the world and land myself in Japan. I totally love Hokkaido now ❤ It is expensive but I know I will work hard and get myself there 😉

8. Life is a stage with lots of people putting on different masks and playing their varied roles. I am one of them. Just with an exception, I have no mask. Should I search for one and put it on? And if I were to really put on a mask, I hope to be the black evil one. Being a nice person is so hard and tiring. I think being a bad one is a whole lot more easier!

9. Study wise, everything is at a standstill. Does not sound good at all! But it is not not good at all too =P Negative: No progress means my work will not be done so soon! Positive: I get to rest more and enjoy more =P

10. Love. I am still very tired. And not THAT ready. Ready enough to mingle but not enough to jingle! Enough said? I seek for not only friends quality, but also the mutual understanding one gets in a deep relationship.

Some thoughts,

The one who ought to stop fighting time and sleep! 😉

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I’ve a dream

How I miss those days when I get to stroll freely around.

The quaint little streets. The quiet yet unique shops. The people busying over their own things. The boy who caught up with me just to flirt. The guy who would tell me how lovely I am. The little men asking me out for a drink. The woman extending the help to the granny at the bakery. The lady with a large polar bear dog helping me find my way. The girl smiling at me sweetly. The kids playing around somewhere. The old couple sharing a good evening in the park. The warm hugs and cheek to cheek kisses from everyone. The gentle smiles of everyone.

Paris, or rather, Neuilly Sur Seine, was where I can definitely say French is not a tad bit snobbish or arrogant at all.

I really miss those afternoon strolls. The sun here is too warm for good strolls =( Even if I wanted to, there is no nice little streets to do so. Or there actually is? Hmmm…

Maybe a beach would suffice now,

The one who wants to live in a dream.

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