Hope things turn out great!

I am now making raviolis from scratch =D I went to have a viewing session on how to make them last time and tried to wrap the raviolis. IMG_4199This time, I am going to recreate it. [After eating heaps of them yesterday at Caper’s all you can eat] HAHAHA IMG_4208Well, we thought of NOT making it since it is so time consuming. Just so last minute that I so wanted to make it, so we went to get some plain flour and asked my mom to get eggs and bring the pasta machine home! =D Wheee~IMG_4209Now the dough sits quietly in the fridge. Hope it works well later 😉 I might make chocolate chip cookies stuff with oreos later 😉 YUMS!tumblr_lmtdwladkH1qcxieko1_500 Oh! And know what? Company is planning some very happy and fun thing! Ahhh… if the ferris wheel do come in! If I can really have clowns around 😉 BALLOONS! =D And I hope this positive vibe goes out to my dear dear friend’s grandma <3<3<3 Do get well soon granny! I will visit you next year if time allows =) And Chee Sian, do send my positivity to her 😉tumblr_ln1f6i68mw1qgzgcyo1_500 At this very moment,


The one who hopes to be there…


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