The happy lil busy bee =D

I am really happy at work. I do not dread going to work like I used to when I was at the last department. This is a good sign I suppose? =D But a bad thing is I do not go to toilet as often anymore =( In the last department, I find all sort of reasons to go to toilet, even when I do not have any nature calls. Nowadays, I would sit on my place for forever until I really cannot hold it anymore. HAHA. Such is lazy me! =P

I am learning to be grateful about being in this new department too. Little obstacles won’t demoralize me that much. I should not be easily demoralized! I am a strong girl 😉 So what ever mask she wants to put on in front of me, I will take it at face value. Be it wickedness under the mask or just misunderstanding, I just have to be patient and remember “to be kind to everyone for everyone is fighting a hard battle (Plato)”.

I am really glad about working under Jeremy too. Just as what others observed, he is really good (and not forgetting to mention, patient) in teaching me =D And he does reflect how a big brother is. Well, maybe? I never had an elder brother =S

I am really relieved about the fact that now JL knows about the concurrent plan  to study and also work. He is actually very encouraging too. I am really happy that Helen finally told him and get things out in the open =D

The only thing at work that I am unsatisfied about is how disrespectful some people is. Just because you are older than me, more experienced than me, does not mean I do not deserve any respect. I always think that respect is mutual, if you respect me, I would even revere you! I so hope that if you disrespect me, I can do the same! =S 

But I was never brought up to be like that. I always SAY, but I could not really do it =( I would just dwell about how bad the tone was, how bad the attitude was, just complain here and there etc. I will get over it soon. Sigh.

I will really get over the bad attitude soon,

The one who is going to be happier than happy =D

P.S. I think someone is actually jealous of me at work. Opps! *perasaan* I actually (sometimes) feel bad about how she feels nowadays. Just like a newbie came and stole her limelight away from her fellow brothers. I am so sorry if that made you felt like this. But, I still do not think I deserve being scorned at. I will try to live/work with you happily. If you are really jealous, I hope you get over it soon =D


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