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Some airheads!

I actually dislike feeling so vulnerable. I should have known better than to let such petty things get to me.

I have known life is always unfair. I never knew why I am always one of the earlier ones to be picked on. Jealousy? Not important enough? Easier to pick on? “Cheaper” to hurt? Whatever reasons?

I knew earlier on but then a certain someone actually need not bring it up again. It does not actually hurt because I do not care about any of them. Just having it dug out again put a downward curve over my face!

And I actually do not like people who would come to me with those “things” that she thinks can make me side her or be good friends with her. It is not easy to earn my friendship. Well, it can be really easy too. All depends on the very first impression.

I know. I am so superficial. If I first know you to be nice, you will be forever nice despite the little nasty tricks you flashed out occasionally. If I think you are just so so or more to the negative side, nothing changes easily to positive. Especially when you start churning out all those little nasty tricks. I get sick of them pretty easily. It is better to stop that to make me loathe you endlessly!

Being a troublemaker will never bring you to a happy end. Not only a reminder to that certain person, but also a few others who think life is not complicated enough. Keep life simple and happy. Tsk!

Good luck to you,

The one who thinks someone should have a life!


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Dislike being in this state

I have been long away, I think =P

Very much busy at work. And without my own laptop, I feel so lazy to update this blog. I am just so used to Windows Live Writer LOL

I was sick for three days plus. The more serious type. High fever, tonsilitis, gastric etc. CRAZY. For now, it has been nearly a week that I am juggling with sudden onset of nausea. Not sure why. Sometimes, right after eating some food, I get totally nauseous =(

And for the third day now, whatever I eat, I will end up getting diarrhea. HORRIBLE. I skipped swimming today and woke up feeling so hungry. Ate some animal pretzels and heated up a frozen chicken and vegetable pie. Eight after stopping the pretzels, starting to devouring the pie, I got all nauseous. GAH

And no, I am not pregnant LOL. cause after all those, and also while all those are still happening, I have to juggle with menstrual cramps =.= GRRRR… I don’t usually get them. Not sure why it popped up this time ><

I am going out for now first (yes it is late, and yes, I am still going out and not rest ><)


The one who hope to recover in no time! =D

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Weekend rendezvous with the lab!

Well, this basically sums up my labworks. In hues of yellows and greens =D I was pretty much in good mood playing with such colours 😉11092011499 11092011503 27082011434 28082011441Trust me, the green did not actually look this horrible and vomit-inducing. Maybe because I am sick, looking back at all these make me feel so sick =[ And look at the rims of the filter, they are all stained a pretty green! Not even acetone could remove them ><10092011494 I think I did a pretty good job since I got into lab. I think they did not expect a BSc to be able to do all these because their students normally finish up to BSc (Hons)? But I cannot be too sure. It is either that or the lecturers are really nice. I have four of them; it is really Just Dr M who praises me a lot cause he is always in the lab and his students keep repeating some general mistakes or keep forgetting some stuff. AND YES! This totally sounds like what I did when I was in JJC’s lab! HAHAHA… But it was good times 😉

I guess I have been quite good with setting up of the things and following instructions (learnt this for a good whole three years and if I haven’t been able to, I think I must have wasted my family’s money playing there only ><)

Oh and the picture above are just disposable glass pipettes; half of them with some cotton near the tip. Would use the one without the cotton to get the liquid from sample vials and put them through the one with the cotton to filter off particles. Of course, I am not that stupid. It is filtered into an NMR tube, not out onto the floor =P10092011495

And this! IS! THE! ROCKET!

My mini rocket to see what is there is my samples. Quite cool. I do not know how to operate it exactly but I do know how to get it started!

Very dizzy now,

The one who should rest more.

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Honeyed yoghurt tartlets <3

Just made some honeyed yoghurt tartlets topped with some canned fruits. My camera is sick, otherwise I would try to get some pictures up. Or probably I should just get them from my phone? HAHAHA… (Hmmm… I think I shall do that)

18092011514 I have always loved plain yoghurt with some raw brown sugar. The texture YUMS. What? Do not give me that look! It is good! Try and get a small carton and add some coarse brown sugar. Do not mix it all too well and do not add too much! EAT. YUMS! This honey version, it certainly has the honey smell but the texture is not there, but this is a healthier choice than using custard. Well, don’t know if the kids will like it?

(I think I shall do another post with some other updates… like my lab works? SHOWER FIRST! =D)

Oh and on a side note:

No offense but sometimes it is so funny about how ignorant some people are. First of all, Milo is NOT a chocolate drink! It is a malt drink, just like Horlick, Vico etc. Do you know that in Europe they do not have Milo? Instead they have VICO! I think it is Vico (or something named similarly, in that orangy packaging ;-] )

Secondly, there is nothing secret with having evaporated milk in jelly. I guess many used to have it that way since they were kids. My dad still does it! BUT… I do not really like it that way. I love it plain ‘ol =D YUMS. Thinking of that, I have FROZEN jellies in the freezer. BUT I AM SICK =C


The one who is still sick, but not too sick.

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The weaker times

I have been sick since yesterday. Got runny nose around midnight and the sneezing just won’t stop. I woke up really weak but (as usual) I felt the urge to go to work.

Once I am in at the work table at 7am, I regretted a lil. I could not concentrate albeit how hard I try! By 8am, everyone is in and I could not hold it in anymore. Feel like vomiting and just so hope someone can knock me out right there and then, and end my suffering!

By 9am, I really could not tackle it. Called my dad to get me I was in the clinic by 10am and off to bed by 11am. Woke up at 2pm to find out I have high fever. GAHHH… And I was so skeptical about having a shower. Yet I know I would not be able to resist it. I was sweating so badly when I had my second meal of the day at 6pm.

It has really been a long long time that I did not fall this sick. Down with flu, tonsilitis, gastritis and fever >< The very next morning (today!), I felt better as I did not shiver anymore. But very light headed. So worries about walking on the stairs itself and fall down –> coma state. OMG. hahaha…

But once I am awake, I would read some recipes online and see what I can bake for tomorrow! Teehee… I have been so unproductive for two days. I do not want to make my Sunday a lazy day! Well, that is if I feel good enough to handle the mixer >< Or probably I should make some homemade ice cream?

Oh! And thanks so much to my wonderful friends. I did not announce about being sick yet you all are there for me at the right time. Thanks for keeping in touch too. It makes me feel loved totally =)

Much love,

The one who will be energetic again in a jiffy 😉

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Ancora Imparo

That is the motto of my last university, Monash University. It is Latin, meaning “Still learning”.

Everyday, not only in work and studies, but also just living life, I am learning. There is so much things to cope. And the hardest would be interacting with people.

People from different walks of life. You never know when you are not understanding enough or when the understanding becomes an irritation.

Most of the times, I am just frustrated, rather than angry, at how things work. And I feel like taking a long long holiday! Can I?

Ancora Imparo,

The one who is still learning continuously.

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Lesson Learnt

The longest day at work today! I started my day at work very early at 7am knowing that I would need to leave by 5pm as there is a planned trip to Kuala Lurah. My first ever time. Not really excited but would love to be able to say that I have been there!

I did not expect today to be so hectic. I did not even get a proper lunch break. Jeremy was in a teleconference the whole morning until slightly after lunch time. And I was told I have to do something urgent. It is his style when Jin Lee asked to do something, it has to be done ASAP, no matter what. Because he understands Jin Lee will ask anytime (even if it means months later, it is better to get it done right this moment!)

I was also rushing the exclusive event presentation slides. I am pretty frustrated over this because it was given to me pretty last minute! HE HAS MORE THAN ONE MONTH BUT NEVER EVEN GIVE A SLIGHT HINT ABOUT IT TILL YESTERDAY >< I feel that this guy simply does not think and plan things well before getting the things worked out. Albeit being frustrated, I tried to get it done. And I am proud to say I managed to get it completed, having been doing it since yesterday afternoon till this noon. No matter what, I am still very dissatisfied, especially when he gives me the irresponsible look! GRRRR

And this brings me back to when I was first in the company, helping him out with the annual dinner event. He was printing out the numbers (to have the prizes numbered) but refused to stick those numbers onto the prizes because the prizes were not complete yet. And I had to tell him, there is nothing wrong in numbering the prizes while the prizes keep coming in. In the end, he never understood and still thinks that Helen did not give him proper instructions (We did talk about this not long ago, like less than two weeks? I am not sure). You know how you can get so angry at such MCPs? Their ego and stubbornness are their BEST assets. CAN NEVER RIP THEM OFF. I FEEL LIKE STRANGLING HIM JUST CAUSE HE SAYS WE NEVER LISTEN TO HIM. HAD HE TRULY LISTENED AND “PROCESS” WHAT WE EVER TOLD HIM?

BEING AS BLUNT AS I AM ALWAYS IS, HE STILL THINKS I AM PATRONIZING HIM AND JUST SAY THINGS WITHOUT ANY OBSERVATION. It really ticks me off! GRRRR… and the irresponsibility and the slowness! GRRRRR… Yet I cannot say no to not doing what he wants at that last minute time frame >< Sighh… I now wonders if he is really worth all the time/help given to him! And NO, I am not trying to make myself less guilty. I learnt a very heart felt lesson about cc-ing emails/works.

I am feeling pretty guilty over what happened to Hendy. I know everything stems off me. I cannot stop feeling so apologetic over it but I think I could not do much but provide him with whatever he required to complete his tasks now. And in the future, if anything, I would never doubt his abilities in completing his work as long as things are given to him. WHOEVER WORKS SOLO WILL GIVE SUCH CRAPPY WORK YET DEMAND PROJECTS? Sighhh! I really hope he will feel better really soon. the injustice! Sigh… I would already have broken down and give up on the project, if I was him. Considering he has a new kid, it is hard to say no to the money too? But seriously, if I was ever in his shoes, I will take off the shoes and throw them at Alvin and Zach!

And it makes me wonder, what makes JL so unfair. Sending that email with little considerations? I will doubt his actions as a leader too, just based on such an email. The very first email that I read this early morning. Sighhh

Hoping life can be a fair one,

The life with one would really depends if one favours you, the one who can be the apple of one’s eye.

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