Mixed feelings

I was happy and then sad. I was happy few days back. Erm… well, up to yesterday when I got the medium sized conventional oven.

Been spending lots recently. I was really happy about shopping. New Camel Active backpack. Got it instead of a Nike one because it was on discount! =D Mainly cause it has a simple design with lots of compartments 😉 My second Camel Active product, hope it serves me well =)

Got another two swim wear (a pants and a skirt) and some other things for swimming. Other than that, got COLOURFUL PERMANENT MARKERS. Whee~ I am trying to make my lab life colourful (at least more colourful than just yellow and green =P)

Yet I am now sitting in the researcher’s room feeling down. SIGH! Last week’s experiment is quite a success but not a total success! A few analysis was done and though I was praised for doing them well but the result of the analysis is not that encouraging. I have yet to wait for my main supervisor to come back and discuss about it.

Such a sad feeling. Especially when everyone is having fun and I sit here feeling sad over the uncertainties. I know I chose this. BUT… sighhhh…

This is life,

The one who wants to go to Istana too! =(


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