This is NOT an angry post, but I am angry.

At myself, that is! If a person can be described via the sharpness of a knife, I will certainly be the blunt one.

There was this Mr X who liked me a lot. A LOT. And I never realised. For a whole 1.5 years. He was always there for me. Always accompany me. Go along with what I want (of course being reasonable) and will ALWAYS be the bestest friend one can ever hope for. Giving brilliant words of solace and good advice (never swayed just because he love me, he speaks his mind, yet is always gentle with his words). It was too late when I realised I broke his heart one too many times. I am so sorry for being so dumb. But I am really glad you now found someone to love =)

I am always too straight forward in my words. People do come to me cause I usually tell the truth and give my true two cents. I do not really mind if my ideas/opinions clash with you. I actually love it. CAUSE I FEEL SPECIAL! I talk what is in my mind usually (USUALLY) without really caring about others feeling. This is BAD. I know. Sometimes, it is accidental slip. You know? You are thinking about something, it is there hanging around in your brain, but somehow your tongue betrayed you and let it slip? EPIC FAIL =S

Then there is the case of being inconsiderate. Case in point, I was thinking about something. I just straight away asked Jeremy whatever is in my mind without realising he was talking to Julia just today =S HOW STUPID? Ok, maybe that is not stupid. It was just me being so inconsiderate. AND IT ALWAYS HAPPEN! Yet again, if I do not get whatever in my head out ASAP, they will disappear and go with the wind. *ANGRY* HOW CAN I EVER HAVE SUCH A GOLDFISH MEMORY? *ANGRY*

I am just too full of myself. Sigh. I MUST LEARN! And CHANGE! grrr… I will… one day =( Hope by then it won’t be too late! =(

And then Live Wire is offering a few courses and I feel like taking them. Mainly cause I want to go Temburong. Then Alvin just made me realised the date for one of the course clashed with the training dates. GAH! *ANGRY!* HOW CAN? =( I was so confident about being able to make it =( Yet to have those “circumstances”. *ANGRY*

Angry at myself,

The one who is not ready to face the world with mean people!


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