I really wanted to be strong…

Why is it always like this. The more people talk to you about it, the more you will cry about it.

I totally dislike being in this state. Why should I be so discreet about someone trying to con me? Someone who manipulates my friendship? Someone who would spread untrue things about me? Someone who hides so much and cannot show her true self when questioned? WHY SHOULD I CARE?

I do not know. But I just care. A LOT. =(

I am not ashamed of nearly being conned. Even if she really conned my RM300++, I would seriously take that as a lesson. Just as in how I lost my purse with the freshly withdrawn cash! But the thing is I take her as a friend. A true one despite whatever she did. She is very good with lies and emotions but I never took offence.

I do not know whether she reached the limit this time. Even when I did not retaliate about her trying to deceive my money, she continues on with her lies. Why lies? Cause she could not show the proof. She never dared to face even her other friends when being questioned about the matter!

I do not even know why I care. Care about her and the others who believed her words.

Broken wings,

The one who is trying very hard to heal herself.


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  1. 1

    anon said,

    300 only! someone owed me 3k for more than 1 year

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