The little notes…

1. I care about what others think about me too much. I do not know how NOT to. Please teach me.

2. Friends matter to me a whole lot. And I am lost when it comes to cutting off those cancerous ones.

3. I will be stopping my swimming lessons soon. I know all the four styles and plan to swim for recreation, not to join competitions. No point to continue further =)

4. Work is getting more fun, and likewise, more responsibilities. I haven’t feel it totally yet but I think it is coming my way soon.

5. Lab work is so hard when I have to do it on Saturday and Sunday only. I am only left with Saturday always to request/collect things or get permission for the special equipment room!

6. I am under performing in terms of work and studies. Not something that I want. I will work harder with my own initiative. This means staying in during lunch time. And I have yet to resist playing with my colleagues!

7. I got a medium sized conventional oven and will want to try out more recipes. But this means, less time for studies (working time is fixed).

8. Plan to take up gym at Jerudong Park Medical Centre! Phew~ But that means I have to be super diligent. Gym after work every weekdays! =S

9. I haven’t even saved a cent since I worked. I really need to start this month but it seems impossible. With trips to Kuching, Temburong, etc in the planning (well, kind of fixed), I need to have at least BND4000 in the bank before valentine’s day come! HAHA

10. I now feel so used to having someone always whatsapp me in the evening/at night. Today is the first time without one. I feel something is missing.

Wants to sleep early,
The one who should get more proper rest!


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  1. 1

    RH said,

    schedule so tight dy, still join apa gym, take care of your body, both mentally and physically.

    I do not know you got so much things with you till i read today,
    that’s why ur being emotional (sometimes) at work.

    teehee cheeeeeeeeeeers.

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