The weaker times

I have been sick since yesterday. Got runny nose around midnight and the sneezing just won’t stop. I woke up really weak but (as usual) I felt the urge to go to work.

Once I am in at the work table at 7am, I regretted a lil. I could not concentrate albeit how hard I try! By 8am, everyone is in and I could not hold it in anymore. Feel like vomiting and just so hope someone can knock me out right there and then, and end my suffering!

By 9am, I really could not tackle it. Called my dad to get me I was in the clinic by 10am and off to bed by 11am. Woke up at 2pm to find out I have high fever. GAHHH… And I was so skeptical about having a shower. Yet I know I would not be able to resist it. I was sweating so badly when I had my second meal of the day at 6pm.

It has really been a long long time that I did not fall this sick. Down with flu, tonsilitis, gastritis and fever >< The very next morning (today!), I felt better as I did not shiver anymore. But very light headed. So worries about walking on the stairs itself and fall down –> coma state. OMG. hahaha…

But once I am awake, I would read some recipes online and see what I can bake for tomorrow! Teehee… I have been so unproductive for two days. I do not want to make my Sunday a lazy day! Well, that is if I feel good enough to handle the mixer >< Or probably I should make some homemade ice cream?

Oh! And thanks so much to my wonderful friends. I did not announce about being sick yet you all are there for me at the right time. Thanks for keeping in touch too. It makes me feel loved totally =)

Much love,

The one who will be energetic again in a jiffy 😉


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