Honeyed yoghurt tartlets <3

Just made some honeyed yoghurt tartlets topped with some canned fruits. My camera is sick, otherwise I would try to get some pictures up. Or probably I should just get them from my phone? HAHAHA… (Hmmm… I think I shall do that)

18092011514 I have always loved plain yoghurt with some raw brown sugar. The texture YUMS. What? Do not give me that look! It is good! Try and get a small carton and add some coarse brown sugar. Do not mix it all too well and do not add too much! EAT. YUMS! This honey version, it certainly has the honey smell but the texture is not there, but this is a healthier choice than using custard. Well, don’t know if the kids will like it?

(I think I shall do another post with some other updates… like my lab works? SHOWER FIRST! =D)

Oh and on a side note:

No offense but sometimes it is so funny about how ignorant some people are. First of all, Milo is NOT a chocolate drink! It is a malt drink, just like Horlick, Vico etc. Do you know that in Europe they do not have Milo? Instead they have VICO! I think it is Vico (or something named similarly, in that orangy packaging ;-] )

Secondly, there is nothing secret with having evaporated milk in jelly. I guess many used to have it that way since they were kids. My dad still does it! BUT… I do not really like it that way. I love it plain ‘ol =D YUMS. Thinking of that, I have FROZEN jellies in the freezer. BUT I AM SICK =C


The one who is still sick, but not too sick.


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