Weekend rendezvous with the lab!

Well, this basically sums up my labworks. In hues of yellows and greens =D I was pretty much in good mood playing with such colours 😉11092011499 11092011503 27082011434 28082011441Trust me, the green did not actually look this horrible and vomit-inducing. Maybe because I am sick, looking back at all these make me feel so sick =[ And look at the rims of the filter, they are all stained a pretty green! Not even acetone could remove them ><10092011494 I think I did a pretty good job since I got into lab. I think they did not expect a BSc to be able to do all these because their students normally finish up to BSc (Hons)? But I cannot be too sure. It is either that or the lecturers are really nice. I have four of them; it is really Just Dr M who praises me a lot cause he is always in the lab and his students keep repeating some general mistakes or keep forgetting some stuff. AND YES! This totally sounds like what I did when I was in JJC’s lab! HAHAHA… But it was good times 😉

I guess I have been quite good with setting up of the things and following instructions (learnt this for a good whole three years and if I haven’t been able to, I think I must have wasted my family’s money playing there only ><)

Oh and the picture above are just disposable glass pipettes; half of them with some cotton near the tip. Would use the one without the cotton to get the liquid from sample vials and put them through the one with the cotton to filter off particles. Of course, I am not that stupid. It is filtered into an NMR tube, not out onto the floor =P10092011495

And this! IS! THE! ROCKET!

My mini rocket to see what is there is my samples. Quite cool. I do not know how to operate it exactly but I do know how to get it started!

Very dizzy now,

The one who should rest more.


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