Some airheads!

I actually dislike feeling so vulnerable. I should have known better than to let such petty things get to me.

I have known life is always unfair. I never knew why I am always one of the earlier ones to be picked on. Jealousy? Not important enough? Easier to pick on? “Cheaper” to hurt? Whatever reasons?

I knew earlier on but then a certain someone actually need not bring it up again. It does not actually hurt because I do not care about any of them. Just having it dug out again put a downward curve over my face!

And I actually do not like people who would come to me with those “things” that she thinks can make me side her or be good friends with her. It is not easy to earn my friendship. Well, it can be really easy too. All depends on the very first impression.

I know. I am so superficial. If I first know you to be nice, you will be forever nice despite the little nasty tricks you flashed out occasionally. If I think you are just so so or more to the negative side, nothing changes easily to positive. Especially when you start churning out all those little nasty tricks. I get sick of them pretty easily. It is better to stop that to make me loathe you endlessly!

Being a troublemaker will never bring you to a happy end. Not only a reminder to that certain person, but also a few others who think life is not complicated enough. Keep life simple and happy. Tsk!

Good luck to you,

The one who thinks someone should have a life!


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  1. 1

    William L said,

    Your post-happening thought process and ventings do not seem to be simple though. Haha.

    To “forgive and forget” would be an easier form of summary =p

    • 2

      CC said,

      Shhh.. dun analyse so much. It will disturb my own train of thoughts =P

      I thought its your deadline today? How come you are so free?


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