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Ancora Imparo

1. I overspent again. Enough said.

2. I hate online shopping! But, I love it too =( *refer point above*

3. Surprised at the excellent appraisal. Like seriously.

4. Jeremy commented I am not serious in my work. I guess people usually focus on the negative side of things rather than the positive. Well, Asian minds at work. I like how Western minds work better. And who is he to say I am not serious when he is not too. TSK.

5. I am looking forward to busy work times (events events events!) and busy fun off work times (holidays, programmes, outings etc =D).

6. I am starting to dread lab sessions. I wonder such deep Chemistry should really be what I want to do in the future. Should I be quick and go back to my Biotechnology field? Sighhh

7. A close friend is lonely. Well, I think and also tried to verified. I am hoping hard that she will meet her prince soon and realise everyone has someone destined for them.

8. I am quite confused and also blurred with my own relationship web-pisodes too. Sigh.

9. Some friends and lecturers are coming from Malaysia to Brunei, invited by UBD. Kind of excited to hear them coming over. Do hope that I would have time to go out with them 😉

10. I am still sick. I am lucky that this time around, the antibiotics did not give me much trouble. Other than the terrible nausea yesterday, as I had them on empty stomach. My bad.

Working extra hours just so I can enjoy the holiday,

The one looking forward to great fun 😉


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Don’t regret!


Teehee… very well put!


The one who needs to sleep earlier!

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She will someday start cutting her own hair!

HAHAHA! This is my naughty lil baby sister! Notice something yet? hehe22102011592 She used to cut her LONG eyelashes off. She later told us she dislike her long eyelashes as they kept on poking into her eyes. Reasonable enough! My mom then help her to trim them off to about the same lengths.

Last night, she came back home earlier and as usual, we busied about our own things. Well, in fact, I slept. I was too tired. hehe…22102011592I was told just now only that she shaved her eye brows off! HAHAHA… she even demo-ed it to my mom how she used my dad’s shaver to shave them off! HAHAHA…

Tonight, she will come back at her usual time, midnight. Hehehe! My parents are afraid that she will cut off her shiny locks! HAHAHA…

She is now so shy when people stare at her. She will cover her forehead (and also her eyebrow) so no one can see HEHEHEHE!

This is my baby sis,

The one who is very much amused at things happening in her simple life 😉

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People say…

296642_276643095699772_127603680603715_927671_1733840424_n Is this it? Hmmm…

Maybe I am that stupid to not realise. Well, even if I am not, just pretend that I am.

Being passive,

The one who is actually quite stupid.

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Staying in the self-drawn circle.

You know? Just do not pop up with something ambiguous, I feel very helpless.

I know the very final decision of mine but then I cannot help myself thinking over and over about that decision of mine. It is very definite, but I do not know why I am thinking about those “what if’s”! =(

I feel so helpless and restless. Probably no one understand this feeling. I am just too rational I guess?

320700_283793021646057_210424388982921_1055554_1200225251_n I think I need some hugs =(

Things will be better,

The one who is trying to clear her thoughts.

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Just a lil update on a lazy morning!

1. I started going back to putting on earrings again. Maybe I should go and hunt more nice and unique earrings to put on 😉

2. I slept like nearly ten hours last night yet still feel like sleeping. OMG. The day before yesterday was certainly a tiring one. This is also one of the reason why I dislike Sunday… You wake up to a Monday that is so tiring that a relaxing Sunday is so unjustifiable! TSK.

3. My eczema at both feet getting worse >< No specific reason but that is cause I cannot pin point. My food range is still similar. Other factors could only be lab environment, work environment, stress etc. Hmmm…. too variable.

4. The car just got fixed and came back. I have to foot the bill >< Oh well… But it went into the hospital again, apparently it is not totally fixed =.= It is quite a noisy ride on it.DSCN2032 5. There is a Hello Kitty with Suzuki Alto Promotion. Everyone in the office is either in pink or dark blue. Hehe… But I look very sloppy =/ So no picture =PDSCN2031

6. I was craving for takoyaki and still is. Sigh. Being lazy is a no good! =( So near yet so far. The takoyaki place is actually five minutes walk away from my dad’s place but then I am just so lazy =(

7. I will be going on a short holiday trip to Kuching soon. Totally looking forward to it 😉

8. Regarding to a certain thing, I think some things are proceeding too slowly to my liking, to a certain extent that I am pretty annoyed at how slow it is. GAHHHH… I do not like to be the one who is always taking the initiative. It is T.I.R.I.N.G.

9. As I promised someone, this is for him…261933_140372536038529_118147031594413_261806_4486537_n

10. Another thing! He dared me to take pictures with my HR manager using a pair of cute earrings (one honey pot, the other a bear) hehehe… And if I got them both, I would have a lunch and a dinner on him (on different days) – one is of my choice, the other his choice. And ta-dah! Here are the pictures:DSCN2033 DSCN2033DSCN2034 DSCN2034

Free meals!

The one who is super lazy now.

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Looking for my frog!



Rather true. I do not even know why I am still thinking about all these when I am very definite that I won’t turn back. I made my decision there and then and I will stick till the end.

LDR is tiring,

The one who just want fairy tale~

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