The MIA times

It has been a good while. I am still alive and jumping =P

Work has been busy. Like, really busy. I guess I have never really recovered from the fatigue since the carnival.

What? I never told you all about the carnival? It was totally tiring but I felt great because I got to see some clowns in action. Oh… and also Flintstone! Hehe!

But I am seriously not exaggerating when I am talking about the tiredness. I had to wake super early just to go to lab and get some analysis done. Right after that, I have to rush over to the carnival and get myself prepared. I was super hungry although Mr Tan did buy us some chicken rice. I figured Ah Foo did more work than me and would certainly deserve the meal more! (Of course, I had burger =P)

Then when the carnival started, it was really few hours of agony. And I have to continue it till the day is over. But! Yes, there is a but! I got to enjoy some fireworks and also the drum! It was quite good in my opinion =)

The very next day, an early shift for me. I thought I would be free to enjoy all around but obligation come in when there was a serious shortness of manpower (haphazard planning). But all is good because I enjoyed manning the booth =P and before that, I got to take a few pics with the clowns and Flintstone (totally the highlights =D)

For a few nights after that, I slept quite early. early as in 7pm or 8pm! Haha… But not tonight. I went out to do some work. Study related. I was asked to give a presentation on my work just last two days. Getting the slides done and get myself prepared for any possible questions. I know it is just a simple presentation but I think the perfectionism streak is still there =P

C’est la vie,

The one who wish things will be smooth sailing!


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