On the work laptop…

Finally! I have started to get the Windows Live Writer in my work laptop to work. It’s not that hard, just been lazy =P

But I figured since nowadays I am on the work laptop more than my own, I should probably start blogging using it =)

I have been pretty busy, every night when I see my bed, extremely strong magnetic forces will pull me to it =P In the morning, I would snooze the alarm over and over (except for during work days). GAHHH…


Just as I saw this, I couldn’t help but think about what happened over and over again then. Well, not really that much. Just I really missed those times. It was not the right time and now, there will never be a right time. Maybe nobody around me really know how it feels when you used to be the only one and suddenly became nothing more than an acquaintance.

Stay cheery,

The one who should stop procrastinating!


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