No sunny morning seen! =P

Good morning. Quite tired actually because I was hooked onto Tetris Battle! Aiks Michelle, thanks for making me date Mr Tetris Battle =P I played for a whole three hours or so. Slept only at 2.30am.263119_141477889261327_118147031594413_269933_4471524_n I have been working an extra one and a half hours daily minimum when I should only be putting it about 45 minutes extra per day. Sometimes I just wondered if I should just call in late. Late as in normal working time and leave at normal time since I do fulfill the hours ><


I always answer myself I can’t because it is all about consistency. But on a side note,  don’t you think people wouldn’t care much if you actually put in more hours or actually come early? But once you are late or people actually THINK you did not put in enough hours, things will start to go wrong?

GAHHHH…phd072011s Such is life?

The one who is underperforming (study-wise).


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