Staying in the self-drawn circle.

You know? Just do not pop up with something ambiguous, I feel very helpless.

I know the very final decision of mine but then I cannot help myself thinking over and over about that decision of mine. It is very definite, but I do not know why I am thinking about those “what if’s”! =(

I feel so helpless and restless. Probably no one understand this feeling. I am just too rational I guess?

320700_283793021646057_210424388982921_1055554_1200225251_n I think I need some hugs =(

Things will be better,

The one who is trying to clear her thoughts.


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  1. 1

    RW said,

    🙂 hugs*

    i actually know how it feels, not 100% but yea ..
    perhaps there’s still this little little hope inside you ..
    hoping that someone will be standing in front of you ?
    giving u a BIG surprise huh ? :p
    HAHAHAHA wake up ! *slapslap*

    • 2

      CC said,

      ahhh maybe the inner thoughts turned a lil evil and hope for something else but the conscience telling me that it is not good. So i won’t be rationally hoping for it. crazy!


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