Ancora Imparo

1. I overspent again. Enough said.

2. I hate online shopping! But, I love it too =( *refer point above*

3. Surprised at the excellent appraisal. Like seriously.

4. Jeremy commented I am not serious in my work. I guess people usually focus on the negative side of things rather than the positive. Well, Asian minds at work. I like how Western minds work better. And who is he to say I am not serious when he is not too. TSK.

5. I am looking forward to busy work times (events events events!) and busy fun off work times (holidays, programmes, outings etc =D).

6. I am starting to dread lab sessions. I wonder such deep Chemistry should really be what I want to do in the future. Should I be quick and go back to my Biotechnology field? Sighhh

7. A close friend is lonely. Well, I think and also tried to verified. I am hoping hard that she will meet her prince soon and realise everyone has someone destined for them.

8. I am quite confused and also blurred with my own relationship web-pisodes too. Sigh.

9. Some friends and lecturers are coming from Malaysia to Brunei, invited by UBD. Kind of excited to hear them coming over. Do hope that I would have time to go out with them 😉

10. I am still sick. I am lucky that this time around, the antibiotics did not give me much trouble. Other than the terrible nausea yesterday, as I had them on empty stomach. My bad.

Working extra hours just so I can enjoy the holiday,

The one looking forward to great fun 😉


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  1. 1

    lopaknai said,

    ben dan cc i also pass my appraisal

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