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Clear the lines

I do not know what is going on. Clear the tangled wires and get me out of this mess =(I dislike myself being like this. I totally dislike it.

I want to leave everything behind and let things start afresh. When will the time come?


The one who dislikes being in unclear situations =(


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Of work, love and life…

I see myself learning things daily, not only new things, but also a lot of revision. These lessons of life that I come to learn would be quite useful I think.

Last night was the second time I met up and went for dinner with the principals (colleagues from regional office). And tonight, we had to make it again. It was better than last night because I do not have to initiate the talks that much. Having to have corporate dinners, this is when you know that you grew up and is out in the society already.

Sometimes, it feels so scary. It felt as if I cannot continue to crave for the love and care of others. I have to get out of the shell and be strong. It is really scary indeed. I am really grateful that up till now, there is someone whom I can rely on and possibly let me just be that naive and childish. I hope it will always be like this *secretly* hehe

Yet I also feel bored of life like this. There is a strong desire in me to move to somewhere new and start life anew. Get adventurous for one or two years, and when I am tired, come back home to seek solace. And the cycle continues! This is such a selfish thought! But who knows? One day the lightning might strike and I get the adrenaline rush to do all sort of crazy stuff! =P

Then at times, I think about having a partner in life. I used to have a very nice person beside me. He is very tolerant, caring, loving, trustworthy… everything nice. I never took things for granted. It was just him, being not upfront enough and delayed way too long. The timing was off! But if it turned out right, I think I will be happy too. He is not one who would always bicker =D I just think it is really important to agree to disagree and to compromise. I think I am not that great at these… but then again, the guy should learn to put down his ego instead of carrying it too high up? NO? Oh well…

Maybe I will never meet the guy who just want a simple, quiet, low profile relationship. (Being romantic is really a plus point) But, I guess I shall just enjoy my self-found quiet times =)

Living and loving,

The one who just want to enjoy life, topped with a dash of adrenaline 😉

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As of 20th November 2011

1. I was sick AGAIN. The doctor prescribed another type of antibiotics because I was mildly allergic to the previous one. I am all good now =)

2. Went to Kuching early November and spent almost a week there. Did loads of shopping.

3. I am addicted to shopping online. Spent a lot there already yet haven’t seen my things arrive! Hope they are really worth the money paid. Coming from UK =D

4. Went to Temburong for a Leadership Camp Programme. Learnt a lot and also had lots of fun. Did flying fox again. Got to try out rock climbing. My hands are so weak that I only managed to climb up one quarter and decided to give up. I did absailing twice! HEHE. Got to be a rower, playing rafting! We got through a rapid safely some more! HEHEHE I did not talk/interact with much people as I was mostly lethargic!

5. Finally baked red velvet and spinach quiche. Been wanting to get the red velvet crossed off my list for some time. And now I finally did =D

Five is good enough =P

The one who needs to shower again and go to rest!

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