As of 20th November 2011

1. I was sick AGAIN. The doctor prescribed another type of antibiotics because I was mildly allergic to the previous one. I am all good now =)

2. Went to Kuching early November and spent almost a week there. Did loads of shopping.

3. I am addicted to shopping online. Spent a lot there already yet haven’t seen my things arrive! Hope they are really worth the money paid. Coming from UK =D

4. Went to Temburong for a Leadership Camp Programme. Learnt a lot and also had lots of fun. Did flying fox again. Got to try out rock climbing. My hands are so weak that I only managed to climb up one quarter and decided to give up. I did absailing twice! HEHE. Got to be a rower, playing rafting! We got through a rapid safely some more! HEHEHE I did not talk/interact with much people as I was mostly lethargic!

5. Finally baked red velvet and spinach quiche. Been wanting to get the red velvet crossed off my list for some time. And now I finally did =D

Five is good enough =P

The one who needs to shower again and go to rest!


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