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Time management

You know what? I totally dislike people questioning about my punctuality, especially when you yourself  can’t even be here on time. Mind you, a minute late is still late!

Anyway, that is not exactly the point that i want to get  through too. I mind a lot when it comes to work and studies. My very own  capabilities and  responsibilities.

I have always managed them myself my whole life. I used to remember Ms Chua telling us that no matter how much we dislike the subject or studies, it is our responsibility to a STUDENT. I personally think it is rather true, especially that the education is given to us “free”.

The same applies when it comes to work. No matter you like the job or not, since you took it up, it is your responsibility to fare well in it. Especially given that you are PAID to do so.

No matter how irrelevant my job is to my interest, i do it without hesitation and within my ability, the best. And I know that i was given a special privilege, which i never thought of abusing. Yet to have someone blatantly say that he THINKS i am abusing it is very maddening . Well, when you are agreeing with what others are saying, it just means you have the same thing  in mind. This is so disheartening when i am trying my best to fulfill my responsibilities.

I am never the kind who would take advantage of privileges given to me. I never even tried to make my working hours stop at the exact minute. I dare say i worked so many extra hours more than you!!! Yet who are you to point fingers at me?

A reminder to ask me to fulfill my working hours should never make me feel inferior about not doing my job well. And should never involve questioning whether i did fulfill my hours or not. HR would have already checked and I would already be sent in to have “talks” if i under performed or did not fulfill the circumstances given under the special privilege.

How  true is it that the management is dissatisfied with me not  fulfilling  working hours and my performance? I am always ready to defend and answer for myself. Just cause you never realised how early i came into office or how late i stay in office at times, do not give you the right to give comments. And just cause you did not see it does not mean i did not do it. Or did it!

And if it is true, i am wondering that what did the HR used to judge whether i fulfilled my working hours other than the system we all used. I would definitely say if they used that, they will only realised i not only fulfilled my hours, but did work extra even. And when i say work, i mean it. Just cause you used the working hours to complete so much of your personal agendas, does not auto imply that i did so. Hmph

Still can’t fathom it,

The one who dislikes being wronged for the wrong reasons!


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Trust and forgiving

He said i am not forgiving enough. I beg to differ. I think i am one of the most forgiving person you can meet! Just sometimes my ego stops me.

The best way to get me to forgive you is to initiate talking to me and be sincere. I haven’t forgotten totally about the Simone Phong case. Mostly because she was not sincere in apologizing! But i am not angry already.

And not talking when i am angry does not mean i am not forgiving. It is just simply a buffer time for all parties to calm down and reflect about what happened! Tsk

Anyway, the trust was breached. Should have learnt not to place immense trust on others. Only dead people can keep secrets! After so many times, probably i should feel numb and ignore. Sigh

There were talks about going to an island. And also to labuan. Been a long time. I do hope to go somewhere. But i guess it Will not work out again as usual. Oh well. Anyone want to offer themselves to go labuan with me? 😀 hehe

Happy winter solstice,

The one who should sleep!

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Merry Christmas!

My very first time to blog using my new phone. Dad just bought me S2. Really happy with this phone. Not much to complain. =p And I have to resort to this for blogging becauseee….. the internet is still not fixed yet. They are still locating the DB box… I don’t know what that is =(

Just finished Christmas shopping. Finally all done. Except for one thing. I plan to make a new gown for the upcoming company launch. Very exclusive cars hehe.

It has to be black one. I have got one but first of all, i trip very easily in it. Then its bareback, might freeze to death even with the shawl. But then again, the design i am looking not now is also bareback lol too bad can’t wear my purple or brown ones

Shall see again. Soon it Will be CNY shopping. Mostly done. Have to get maybe two more pairs of shoes? The new one i have got is a black close toe smart casual shoes. Not sure what you call those. Maybe i Will get another heels then a new pair of trainers 😉

End of the year, oh, and start of the year. Lots of money spent. Will i get increment? Not sure how the bonus works but do hope i get a share. Then more shopping hehehe

Till then,

The one who is also enjoying the season of giving 😉

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Young yet not blessed with health

I wonder when I am old, how much more illness I will have.

Just like 8 years back, I am still not opting to undergo surgery. I will be fine =) People who always joke about my shortness of breathe, I will let karma get back at you! =P

I have been sick for three days plus. Yesterday was the climax. I thought three days ago, what Dr Matthew of Lee Clinic gave would be good enough. But as always, once I eat their medicine, I get high fever. This time around, the high fever did not recede. I was forced to go to RIPAS hospital. High temperature, normal bp, low oxygen. Nebulizer. Change of antibiotics. Rest. Phew…

I am better now. How can I not be better? The doctor was so cute, she even gave me some kiddie medication! Hahaha! Its green in colour and taste like honeydewwwww =P She was quite caring, pat me on my head and says I need lots of sleep and rest. HAHAHA… super cute.

Resting now,

The one who will recover real soon =)

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I am sick again =(

Within a one month time frame, or should I say less than a month? I am sick again =(

I so dislike the feeling of coughing my lungs out and not being able to sleep =( And this package comes with flu! Grrrr =(

Do get well soon,

The one who wants to recover in a jiffy!

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Midnight Screams

I have this urge to blog yet the house internet is still down. DAMN.

The signal is excellent (cause, like finally, no one is downloading something) BUT the connection cannot be made. What can be the problem? ><

Its midnight now and I am up and awake. Just watched two episodes of drama. Got a little into “drama”. In this world, it will be very hard to get the best of both world. In such instance, I should stop dreaming about how I can get what I want yet please the people.

There are such times when I hope I can dig up the courage to leave and do whatever I like to. Time, people, money and blah blah blah… everything is a hindrance (depends on how you see it).

Anyway, just something off the top of my mind. At this point in time, how come I only have mostly guy friends? Yet manage to remain single only?

Like seriously, I mostly Whatsapp/chat/interact with guys only. Maybe one or two girls will chat with me. Even now, I got onto my Whatsapp, I only have seven active chats and they are all guys except for one =.=

I guess the world really has a serious guy/girl imbalance! HAHA. Blame India and China for killing so many girl babies =P

All girls now busy dating and having their monogamous (at times, polygamous) relationships. And left lots of single guys out there to be my good friends =P HAHA…

But at this age, it is kind of sad to not have a girl to be able to talk to any time I want right? A fail indeed.

Not complaining,

The one finding it amusing yet sad.

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