Young yet not blessed with health

I wonder when I am old, how much more illness I will have.

Just like 8 years back, I am still not opting to undergo surgery. I will be fine =) People who always joke about my shortness of breathe, I will let karma get back at you! =P

I have been sick for three days plus. Yesterday was the climax. I thought three days ago, what Dr Matthew of Lee Clinic gave would be good enough. But as always, once I eat their medicine, I get high fever. This time around, the high fever did not recede. I was forced to go to RIPAS hospital. High temperature, normal bp, low oxygen. Nebulizer. Change of antibiotics. Rest. Phew…

I am better now. How can I not be better? The doctor was so cute, she even gave me some kiddie medication! Hahaha! Its green in colour and taste like honeydewwwww =P She was quite caring, pat me on my head and says I need lots of sleep and rest. HAHAHA… super cute.

Resting now,

The one who will recover real soon =)


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    RH said,

    never will i give you medical chit for Lee Clinic dy! tsk ~ take good care babe.

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