Trust and forgiving

He said i am not forgiving enough. I beg to differ. I think i am one of the most forgiving person you can meet! Just sometimes my ego stops me.

The best way to get me to forgive you is to initiate talking to me and be sincere. I haven’t forgotten totally about the Simone Phong case. Mostly because she was not sincere in apologizing! But i am not angry already.

And not talking when i am angry does not mean i am not forgiving. It is just simply a buffer time for all parties to calm down and reflect about what happened! Tsk

Anyway, the trust was breached. Should have learnt not to place immense trust on others. Only dead people can keep secrets! After so many times, probably i should feel numb and ignore. Sigh

There were talks about going to an island. And also to labuan. Been a long time. I do hope to go somewhere. But i guess it Will not work out again as usual. Oh well. Anyone want to offer themselves to go labuan with me? 😀 hehe

Happy winter solstice,

The one who should sleep!


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    RW said,

    i m going == ~ with my friends, this sunday. tsk .. come with me !

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