Good morning, it will be <3

Ahhhh… a quiet morning. Too quiet in fact.

Last few days made me think about something… think about being honest.

It is an irony when someone yearns for you to be truthful and more open YET you cannot share a simple point of view. Mind you, sharing does not mean you have to fully agree. But at least, give some degree of respect!

And well, some people do have very weird logic (I am not the only one who think so apparently =P). This is one of the major times when I get angered over how “stiff” a he-brain can be! 

I wanting to make my preference known IS actually a way to control the doings of others. Quite hard to go figure what is in that he-brain. But I think I won’t want to think over this anymore. Waste of my brain juice!

I have been sleeping very little nowadays, I wonder why too. If I can have optimum hours at home, I guess I would sleep better =P If I have too little time at home, that of course means I have very little sleep too. But when I have too much time at home (example, a lazy Sunday), I tend to sleep at odd times (albeit optimal or less than optimum), and I would not be able to fall asleep at bedtimes on a Sunday night. Monday will be a harsh day and I come home sleeping at 8pm, waking up at midnight and stay up. CYCLE REPEATS. CRAZY =.=

Quite many things happened! I shall update again soon.

Back to work,

The one who wants to sleep! =X 


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