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Of airplanes and travels

I am just like a kid once again. Very happy and excited to fly. Got to airport at 2pm and got my luggage checked in.

My luggage is spoilt. Sigh. The handle can’t be extended anymore. Must have accidentally spoilt it the last time. After this trip, i shall get a new one. Or maybe during this trip? Hmmmm… hehe

Bought some royce choc and going to departure gate now. Hope the flight is not delayed. Everyone is waiting for dinner.

The one who is blessed with great friends


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A reminder to myself once again.
I shall be strong and not cry over friendships anymore
Thanks Su-Lyn,
The one who is growing up ❤

On the wheel...

Dearest roomie…

Really, you shouldn’t be crying over friendships already!

Do you know why bees stings?

Its because they’re afraid, its because they fear for their "home", its because they feel threatened. Hence they sting, so that they can die.

Very much like humans actually.

Only those who are insecure, who feel threatened by our presence, fear that something in us is not what they have in them…hence they sting, just to hurt us. Just so that they will feel better themselves.

Cause only those who are sincere, and kind and know the value of themselves…won’t be bothered much about others. They are happy about themselves. And you know humans, when you’re happy inside, you only want to do everything good. That includes being nice to people.


Remember this every time something happens.

Study hard girl, show them what you can do. Let them feel sour about it at…

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Of winning and energy

You know how Jeou Yee can always easily pull off the its-not-all-about-winning?

I was so close with him for more than a year but I have yet to master this skill. He is always this smiley faced guy who knows winning is not everything. As long as everyone is cool about it, then what is the matter of not winning?

It is like, most of the time, most of the things are not worth the argument. So probably just set it out and let the other party win, although it does not mean the other party is totally right.

Well, it does not mean I am not wrong too.

Just you know how tired it can be to use your energy to argue about something? Sometimes, I really want to believe that we can let someone know about what is wrong before they kept on mis-assuming certain things.

Probably I should stop and let them learn something hard. The hard lessons probably would be better than me giving those “FYI” =( So I guess I should also learn to take lessons in the hard way from such people.

More over, sometimes those lessons are not really that important. So what if Joshua take liqueur or not? It is not like he will give a damn about that. Well, as long as he does not tell others the wrong info and just keep that piece of info to himself, rather than making others get a wrong gift for Joshua. Getting a wrong gift is something I cannot accept (if you knew about it!). Well, it might not mean anything to him. So why should I care? >< gahhh! SIGH! At least I know what to give Joshua now =)

No personal growth when arguing with people who always want to win only.

The one who just want to live a jolly happy life!

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Of falling and catching

I actually do not know if I have fallen for you. Or is it just special friends? Or is it that I am already used to you being this way to me? The distance at times. The closeness at times. The kindness at times. The arguments at times.

But something illogical is you never shown that you really really cared. Yet most of the times, you give me an aura that you do. The way you react and also the times you look at me. I swear I know about it. Just you thought I do not. If it is really not the case, please stop every little thing and ignore every little thing.

I do not want to make any judgment or conclusion before you say anything. You may be the coward, not wanting to move forward. But I am more than just a coward. I have been hurt and do not want to be hurt once again. Unless the other party make the move…

No one cannot survive without someone,

The one who believes as such at this point in time.

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Of mozzies and sleepless night

It has been such a long while that i have been troubled by mozzies at night. Gahhhh…

Everything was good when i fell asleep at 8pm. Auto woke up at 10pm and the sleepless night started.

Went continuing Steve Job. His biography is quite a good read. I enjoyed it. Read till 2.30am and got myself to sleep. Woke up by mozzies. Gahhhhhhh..

And end up super hungry throughout. Wanted to go for breakfast with my sis and realised the rain. Gahhhhhh..

First thing at office..


Good morning,
The one who hopes she can pull through the day till dinner gathering with the girls!

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Of ranting and talks


Where is the trust that i gave you? Ever coveniently thrown out yhe window.

The one who wish to have the spikes of porcupine.

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Of work and deadline

Today was especially tired. I had a deadline to meet. Well, I can always work under pressure. Actually work way better =P

At one point, I thought I could not finish and brought the things back home. But I end up so worn out that I did not actually get work done. Well, I did not even touch it =P

And I completed it earlier today at about 2pm? Deadline is tomorrow =P WHEEE~ Well, I just like completing task ahead of time instead of right at that moment. I believe I could have finished it even if the deadline was yesterday. I was slacking pretty much =P

Work is different without Jeremy though. He is one whom I can truly just turn and say something when I am bored or tired. Even when I am busy, at least he will be here to say something lame or funny. Work is so boring with an old bunch like Alvin HAHA.

Dad is still in Thailand. He left a day after Jeremy left, and will be back two days after Jeremy is back. HOPE I GET SOME GIFTS <3<3<3 But I think this is the first time he goes to Chiang Mai. He had always been in Bangkok or HatYai I think? Not sure. But I will be seeing him for another two days and I will be off~ 

Can’t wait,

The one who always dreams to live a nomadic life but has no courage to go poor! HAHA

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