Of sorry state and sickly state

Being sick monthly. This time, it is considered mild! I just slept one and a half days, I am way better already! I know I am on the road to recovery when I get those hunger pangs! HAHA

I used to last without much food, except ONE small bowl of porridge per day for two to three nights! This time, just one night of solid food and lasted till the next night! POOF! Recovered!

Since eon years ago, I am like this. I will always head to school or any other thing even when I am sick. I remember being in class one fine morning, all pale and uneasy. But I was determined not to miss school! Someone offered me an apple Mirinda and I did not have second thoughts about drinking it cause I think I was going to faint due to low sugar.

Totally! I am totally laughing over myself now! I end up vomiting a green pile of stuff. BRIGHT APPLE GREEN! OMG. HAHA. I was terrified. It looked like some monster got some yucky gooey stuff out! lol After that, I stayed home the whole week long, eating vegie porridge ONLY. What sorrow =(

Ever since I am back from Malaysia, March 2011, I kept falling sick. Well, more like ever since I joined my now company! Must be poor ventilation! HAHA. *jokes* I actually thought my managers are quite relentless regarding me going off for sick leaves. Especially when she has a change of smiley face to a serious face upon the mention of me wanting to see the doctor and rest.

The other HE was better, he would send some sympathetic look and say some good greetings like get well soon. And when we get back to work, he will ask how we are actually. It is rather better than how SHE would just reply OK only after you painstakingly typed out a message to her. Sigh. Actually, it is A LOT BETTER for he showed he cares.

Sometimes, in this sick state, I value concerns, messages, emails etc more. I should learn to change this and appreciate things every moment, regardless of situation!

I think it does affect my work performances,

The one who did not want things to end up this way too.


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