A reminder to myself once again.
I shall be strong and not cry over friendships anymore
Thanks Su-Lyn,
The one who is growing up ❤

On the wheel...

Dearest roomie…

Really, you shouldn’t be crying over friendships already!

Do you know why bees stings?

Its because they’re afraid, its because they fear for their "home", its because they feel threatened. Hence they sting, so that they can die.

Very much like humans actually.

Only those who are insecure, who feel threatened by our presence, fear that something in us is not what they have in them…hence they sting, just to hurt us. Just so that they will feel better themselves.

Cause only those who are sincere, and kind and know the value of themselves…won’t be bothered much about others. They are happy about themselves. And you know humans, when you’re happy inside, you only want to do everything good. That includes being nice to people.


Remember this every time something happens.

Study hard girl, show them what you can do. Let them feel sour about it at…

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