Of winning and energy

You know how Jeou Yee can always easily pull off the its-not-all-about-winning?

I was so close with him for more than a year but I have yet to master this skill. He is always this smiley faced guy who knows winning is not everything. As long as everyone is cool about it, then what is the matter of not winning?

It is like, most of the time, most of the things are not worth the argument. So probably just set it out and let the other party win, although it does not mean the other party is totally right.

Well, it does not mean I am not wrong too.

Just you know how tired it can be to use your energy to argue about something? Sometimes, I really want to believe that we can let someone know about what is wrong before they kept on mis-assuming certain things.

Probably I should stop and let them learn something hard. The hard lessons probably would be better than me giving those “FYI” =( So I guess I should also learn to take lessons in the hard way from such people.

More over, sometimes those lessons are not really that important. So what if Joshua take liqueur or not? It is not like he will give a damn about that. Well, as long as he does not tell others the wrong info and just keep that piece of info to himself, rather than making others get a wrong gift for Joshua. Getting a wrong gift is something I cannot accept (if you knew about it!). Well, it might not mean anything to him. So why should I care? >< gahhh! SIGH! At least I know what to give Joshua now =)

No personal growth when arguing with people who always want to win only.

The one who just want to live a jolly happy life!


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