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Of hypocrisy

瓶子有時很虛偽 不要指責他 瓶子之所以選擇虛偽 是因為有人勉強瓶子做不願做但又拒絕不了的事 瓶子不習慣承諾 也不懂得拒絕 最擅長的是難為自己。瓶子不想別人難過 只好令自己難過。瓶子總是固執地認為自己有超乎尋常的承受力 將自己想得太堅強 而把別人想得太脆弱。


The one who continues to doubt…


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Of uncertainties and faith

Ola! Been a long time…

I was away travelling and re-visiting Malaysia too while having my vacation. It was a long plan but then a really worthy one.

Mood-wise, I have been really positive. Health-wise, so-so. Hopefully I will have a better diagnosis this coming April =D Another routine appointment again.

My March and April seemed so jammed pack. March is finally going to be over but April is approaching. And just first week alone, my Saturday will be contributed to seeing the doctor(s) and to research meeting. It is already the sixth research meeting! A feeling like I have gone a long way. But in fact it is just nearly a year of part time and not much was achieved.

Going full time should be a good idea. It is in the pipeline now. Work is so boring and I do not have much things to do. Jeremy did not cascade anything for me to do since last week. When I ask Zach, he told me to watch the movie he transferred to me. LOL And I watched with guilt.

Oh well… nothing to do~ I will continue to do some menial newspaper cutting and some customer database updating lah~ I planned to resign after a few more months but seems like I am not getting much out of this job… perhaps I should resign earlier. People told me to just stay and do nothing, get the money~! But, maybe it is just so not me. I rather do some other stuff even if it meant not getting paid… Will see what happens in April before deciding to resign and enjoy from June onwards =)

Actually I have got the resignation letter prepared =D I am so ready but still wondering how to bring this upfront to the company. WHO should I first approach? HOW should I say it? WHEN is the ever right time? THEY are ever busy =.= gahhh

Time will come,

The one who needs more faith in finding what she likes.

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Of friendships

I feel so loved.


Words simply can’t describe how I feel.

Love feeling loved,
The one who always need to feel loved.

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