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Of baby sis and her old boyfriend =.=

Ohhhh myyy~ I was just mentioning about how my baby sis doesn’t not talk about him anymore.

Just last two days, she started on him again and I just ignored her. But last night was different =.=


She blabbered something about him and told took out her whiteboard. She also does link the whiteboard to him as she played with one in his house last CNY. So she started writing my name and his name. And then drew a broken heart over… I asked why is he heart broken and guess what she said?


She said… cause he never comes to our house anymore. So I must have broken his heart =.= She said William is sad and now she wants him to come over to our house and play for 100 times.I wonder what is so fun when they both do not really play much? *dizzy*


The one with a baby sis who is crazy over William =.=


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Of uncertainties and dreams

I do not know where to start. No, I am not lost. Just there are quite a lot of things in my mind.

I don’t know what I want to do after I flipped over this “page” yet I do have plans on what to write for the new section, next “page”

There are just many uncertainties and I really do hope good things will fall together soon. I am having such high hopes and expectations. Yet, I am very scared that things do not come together as I wished.

Of course I have an extra story to write for the next “page” if this story does not work out. But I really hope I do not have to pitch in the extra story.

I yearn for THIS story to unfold! Please let myself have the confidence and faith to continue down this road and let this story unfold. *fingers crossed*

I have so many things in my mind but never the suitable person to really unravel this interesting yet exciting story. This is because no other person share my hope and excitement.

There is even someone who constantly annoys me as much as when your pen ran out of ink and yet you are still so desperate to continue writing your story. It was fine earlier on. I know I have got quite a high EQ to handle that. Sooner or later, I started questioning myself why I have to endure such silliness and childishness from such a person. I guess I saw a friend in that person.

I tried to make things better and let that person knows that I truly value a good friend and how I actually dislike no brainer “discussion”. You know those argument with someone who does not really use their brain? Worse than pea brain! Or rather those who really want to discuss something but can NEVER see things from a simpler point of view, lest another point of view =.=

Anyway how, I so made a decision to just let it stop there. It is usually very hard for me to do so. But also thanks to that person’s great ego, things just proceed to a quiet period and I believe, a fullstop! People around me still brings up his name but I am not stifled much anymore. Even my baby sis doesn’t mention about him anymore! Maybe it was because she was busy with her exams. I hope that now exam is over, she won’t mention about him too! There is always a limit to everything.

I find it so apt when a personality description mentioned about how I won’t go into a big row with someone I am annoyed with, just slowly distance myself. Maybe this is really me.

Please let the tranquility come back faster,

The one who thinks grass across the hill is way greener!

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Of food, friends and Malaysia!

Here is my wish list when I go to Malaysia!!! HEHEHE

1. To eat Baskin Robbins

2. To eat Super Kitchen pan mee

3. To eat fish head mee hoon soup (Michelle/Pek Harn introduction)

4. To eat Uncle Seng noodle

5. To have food trip to Penang

6. To have food trip to Ipoh

7. To have food trip to Karak

8. To have food trip to Melacca (ok, cultural too)

OMG.. it was all about food! LOL.. and might as well add in #9

9. To collect my recipe book! (FOOD AGAIN!)

Ok ok, it was also in the plan to do some more important stuff:

10. To meet Michelle and have a good relaxing trip

11. To meet Jasmine and have a good food trip

12. To meet Li Ying and Yu Lu all the way from China but could not get visa into Brunei!

13. To meet Yan Wan and Su Lyn hopefully as I did not get to see them previously!

14. To possibly meet Olivia for a meal? =D

15. To enjoy a movie in KL. Teeheeeee~

Foods and friends are what make me miss Malaysia… foods come first as they gather the friends =P HAHAHA… superficial =P


The one missing life in Malaysia! 


P.S. I am sure I have more things on my wishlist. JUST WAIT =P

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Of juice and juicer

Just got myself a juicer. Was contemplating to get an industrial grade one cause you do not have to chop those fruits up! LAZY ME =P

Yeah, the price held me backkkkk! It was so freaking expensive. I just got a compact one for household use. Good enough.

First juice made was red apple with carrots. Too sweet. I will make a mental reminder to add water and make up two glasses instead of one and a half glasses!

3 red apples

2 medium sized carrots

I did not peel the fruits. Wash and chop. Into the juicer! Probably add half a glass of water too =) Mix well and enjoy! Probably carrot orange juice is still a better one. Hehe.. I wanted to get oranges but was thinking that I need to peel the oranges =.= Nonetheless, I just got ten oranges and the clever me asked the waitress at the restaurant to peel them off for me =D YAY

For tonight, I did not use my juicer. Was out in the restaurant so got the waitress to juice me some vege/fruit drink. The commercial grade juicer is so awesome! Oh well… we have to stick to budget. *Brainwash myself* Thrifty is virtue… thrifty is virtue~

Tonight’s juice:

5 stalks of celery

1 medium cucumber

3 green apples

Wash and juice them! Serving over ice seems like a better choice. Hehe


Going healthier,

The one who aims to eat more fruits and vege =D Ok, drink more =P

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