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Of dog and mickey!

Yes! I am afraid…terribly afraid of animals! There are three new dogs back in KB house.

I was out on a girl’s night out celebrating Ann’s birthday. I came home seeing one of the dogs, Mickey,  unleashed. He seems a but scared. Or she?

Anyway how, I pondered for quite awhile before going in. And Mickey just gave a few sniffs. No licking! I am starting to feel safe and loving Mickey already! 🙂

Just some time,
The one who needs more faith in man’s bestfriend!


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Of now and then

As cliche as it may sound, I have been MIA for quite a while yet again. Quite busy at work.

The very funny thing is only when I resigned, I start to get more things and get busied about.

Yes, I resigned =) One of the main reasons (I do not want to touch on other reasons for now, probably in the future?) is that I find the job being too carefree. I know! My family and friends have been commenting on why can’t I just relax and get the salary. I guess there is still some part of me who is a workaholic. I enjoy being busy and getting about to solve things. It makes me spend my time usefully. I think. Or maybe not a workaholic? Just I dislike getting paid for being lazy.

See.. when I am bored and sleepy, I tend to find things to do. Nothing to do? I end up watching videos, reading all sort of nonsense and blogs and play Facebook. You know how you kept opening the browser to log into Facebook and see not much changes? That was how bored I was! And that stupid Zachary Pan has to always complain. Well, at least I am better than him who kept saying he is busy and cannot get the website etc done. In fact, he is there playing games on his phone and facebook-ing!

These two weeks at work were more productive and better. I actually get things done and I realised a lot of work get done through emailing LOL And the busyness level is… erm like I could have endlessly open my FB for maybe 50 times, but then these two weeks, maybe just twice or thrice at work. I feel so satisfied! HAHA

I still wonder what is the point of making me come back on Saturdays when it is just for them to enjoy a long morning breakfast and then come back to the office to have nothing much done. So pointless for me. I would rather sleep in to compensate for the time spent being diligent over Monday to Friday~ Or I could have spent some quality time with my family! Or even travel somewhere! HAHA

Otherwise, if I didn’t deferred, I could have easily spent time in the lab getting something useful out. Well, mainly cause I couldn’t even have that consecutive two days to work on my project, I then decided to defer and work on a lackadaisical Saturdayyyyy~ Imagine sitting at my table with nothing significant produced VERSUS running my experiments the whole day in the lab. I get something out of working hard in lab! And some more I did agree with them that I will work on a Saturday if there is really things to do or an event up.

I remember (for a long time) that I even went back on one of the Saturdays to get a proposal done (assigned last minute to me) till seven pm! Them making me come back involuntarily on a Saturday definitely showed no appreciation for my aim to get the best of both worlds. And as always, study comes first! I will move forward to my dream bravely 😉

Hmmm… now I am officially giving myself a month’s break. I sure know how to enjoy life~ When school reopens I am going to be a full time student! Yay! And I do hope I can quickly finish my MSc and proceed to PhD (If I am capable and still want to by then!)

I hope this is the right decision. But this also means I give up earning money to travel =( But this is just temporary. A promise to myself~ hehe At least I can have more productive time working in lab than feeling sleepy and bored at work with nothing much to do! =) And to finish my studies faster =D

Wish me the best of luck,
The one who hopes for the best for herself =)

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