Of holidays and reality

Yup! I revisited Malaysia some time ago. It was a really good trip. I went to so many places and spent some really good times. Well..not some..is a lot!!! Haha

My China friends came to visit but could not get visa into Brunei. So I decided to go over to meet them. Thanks to Ming Xuan and Mun Keat, my China friends felt the hospitality that I have always have the provilege to.

Actually, I met some down times at work thus decided to leave for Malaysia earlier. Must thank Michelle and her family for constantly accomodating me: )

I had so much fun and got acquainted with some new friends. Maybe one of them doesn’t take me as a friend but I sincerely hope one day she will see things through and put some faith in humanity once again: )

And also really appreciate that Jasmine took the time to be with me despite how busy and tired she was. I am so sad still about no goodbye hugs but I know we will meet again soon to have a welcoming hug!

Nostalgia! I will be back to Malaysia next year but too bad I won’t have time to send with them as I will b transiting to other places! Hopefully I can revisit again…and I guess two weeks will be too short *greedy* hahaha

I hope my “plans” fall through…please pray that the odds are in my favour: ) I want to travel more yet be able to study. Let the focus be on the right path and guide me properly down that path… I am very glad to have support from HW too,  no matter how it stemmed from.

And now it comes the time to earn some dough back before more travelling can happen: )

The one who is appreciative of all the chances and opportunities given: )


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