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Of young and old

Hey there people!

I was missing most probably because I was lazy. I know I should pour more into this blog and get negativity out of my system. Well, that was prior to doctor appointments!  I was afraid that writing the negativity will reinforce them. I guess its best to write after.

I actually have another appointment this Monday but I am quite positive it will be alright too. I am reinforcing the positivity. Hehe

Anyway, I found myself happier now too. Maybe it is also thanks to not communicating as much with William. I think it is time to learn to properly distance myself from unhealthy friends. If we were never meant to be good friends, why bother? It was the same as for Lee Ming. William is just a second example of such friends. It is their loss anyway. Hahaha

It is really heart broken to decide on giving up on friendships. I treasure them oh-so-much!  I guess learning to treat oneself better is more worth it whe life can be so short lived: D

I am still grateful to have many a great souls surrounding me! Their love make me feel loved and also stronger. I know bettee things are coming. I have been waiting!

Good things definitely belong to those who persevered: D oh and on another note, I forgot reading/hearing about this fortune telling… that I will travel a lot this year.

Ahhh..year of Dragon sure gave me good wishes. I have visited quite some places this year and flew quite often. Well, relatively. This year up till now: KL thrice, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, KK, Labuan twice and all those road trips to Penang, Melacca, Ipoh, Sitiawan, Pangkor, Miri, Kuala Lurah etc… life’s certainly been very good to me: ) And I am going for more soon. I will update if I am free and remembered hehehe…

Hopefully another trip end of the year. I have got another trip scheduled May 2013! Woooo~

Work hard and play hard ,
The one who loves enjoying life


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