Of guys and colleagues

Realised something very amusing today.

A pair of brothers joined us recently. Ok.. maybe for some time already. It is so funny how they are “hot” topics now.

It is like girls (old/young/single/attached) suddenly go head over heels over them HAHAHA… The younger brother looks very kiddie but is of women’s taste. I think they see him like how you will think of a toy boy! HAHAHA.. it amuses me cause I never thought they will take interest in toy boys! I wouldn’t be surprised if I one day know they marry a guy ten years their junior *grinsss*

The older brother is quite well built with a nice personality (I cannot say much having known him for a while and did not actually talk to him much). Good humour at times, goes fishing and shows gentleman traits like holds the door for girls etc.. (Much contrary to how Jeremy is like! Grrr.. on to him later on). And he is apparently dubbed “Flavour of the Month”!

They have their own “secret” fan clubs now.. LOL. I wonder how long it will take for the whole company to know about this. So much gushes and discussions now going on about them in that department hahaha…

So onto Jeremy! Someone was even asking me if I was in JFC (J in reference to Jeremy). WTF?! LOL But Jeremy this meanie actually have the audacity to ask me be nice to him when he always play pranks on me. He nearly broke my neck today. And I now wonder how people see us. He asked me if I would treat others the way I treat him. In fact, I treat most people I am close to like that. It is up to him to believe it or not OR to take it otherwise. I have no qualm over it. I guess I have nothing to clarify when I have nothing to hide (I hope it is really me to always stop explaining about things).

Anyway, it still amuses me how the girls in the company reacted… reacting to them hahaha… 

Blogging occasionally,

The one who quite miss Taiwan (surprisingly)


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