Of girls and Grey

HA! I bet you all thought I will be talking about how girls lust over guys =P NOOOOO~

I was actually invited to dinner at a quite expensive place. It is one of the restaurants where they will write their menu on a chalkboard and bring the chalkboard to take orders. I think I quite like the “feel” hehehe~

I was a bit hesitant because it is an expensive place.  The first time I went, my aunt was the one paying and I was fine with it… She is my aunt! But this time is a friend, a very kind friend at work =)

I just knew that she got forced into this treat by my colleagues in the Finance department. I think it is generous of her to treat already and it was a bit over the line for them to request such expensive one.

Nonetheless, my topic is not exactly that. It is how that department is just 100% girls and with lots of hidden jealousy or so =P They just got a few of the girls coming along to the dinner and I thought one of them will be Hazel.

To my surprise, she was not invited. At first, I thought it was my friend who did not want to because she previously slipped something about her being poor at work and somehow dislike her. Just today, I realised, it is not the case.

Her colleagues in her own department made the decision to exclude her. I am very puzzled as to why! She can have a quite bad temper and sometimes very ignorant. Sometimes aloof. But she can be friendly too at times! I guess everyone has these traits, especially myself. I practise self control and I am very well aware of my surroundings. So usually, I am just aloof around people when I do not feel like making friends. Otherwise, I am quite bubbly and friendly.

Having said these, I think they had some misunderstandings or in fact, did have a fight over some stuff in the office. Their relationship within that office changed quite a lot since about a year ago. And I have to re-iterate, I cannot work well with girls! I am so lucky the department I am in now, only has Julia and I with the boys. I feel so much more comfortable.

If I ever have to work with a whole bunch of girls, please let them be jolly, happy, open minded girls with no jealous intentions. UNLESS, I have a Grey that they can be jealous of. I will be proud to have them be jealous of me having Grey =P

On to Grey, YES! I read them! I finished the trilogy. Reading the books itself was way more satisfying that reading the PDFs. Luckily my sister got all three books from Australia earlier. HEHEHE… but I still downloaded the PDFs so I can share them with my friends. And also so that I can read while at work *tsk tsk*

Sincerely thank Karen for pushing me to read them. It was so enjoyable, me preferring second and third books over the first and love those very panicky/up beat plots in book three!

Till then,

The one who believe being positive is the key to miracle happening =)


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