Of 2013/2014

I am so ecstatic! Life is really good. I just got a confirmation letter about my deferment. Probably I haven’t tell those who read my blogs, but those who I am close with, they all know I got a good offer! Where can you get so much money per month without working for a year and yet still get recognition for? Whee~

Brunei Government is just so nice and I am truly happy I am a Bruneian. I really believe in perseverance. And even if you persevere, and not get what you want, it is NOT because you do not deserve it. It is because you deserve MORE!

I remembered how I felt last year about not getting what I wanted. I did not settle for anything lesser. Or perhaps, I did but then not exactly “settled”. While holding to a less favourable offer, I was set to search for better ones coming my way.

I have a lot of hurdles but not really hard =P Those hurdles I met with were more of my worries. Along the way, many helped me too. And this time, I got an offer way better than the one that I applied (but did not get) last time. The pay out is double and I get to go overseas. I aim to have fun and make full use of the time!

It is still some time before me actually going for it. BUT I FEEL LIKE PACKING ALREADY! Life is really good =) Before I got the confirmation, I was kind of sad and felt that it will be very cruel to revoke what was agreed just because I wanted to defer. And two weeks down the road, TODAY, I got that promising call and ta-dah~ positive answer!

The list that I prepared (still going to add more to the list) is going to be useful! I have so much things to anticipate. I will now start with finish off cleaning my room! =P I started and did cleaning for 60%. My maid left for good and a part time one came. She basically gave us a big topic to talk about among ourselves! Perhaps I will blog about her when I feel like it (I posted my Taiwan pictures halfway through on FB hahaha.. I will probably settle that first before blogging about the maid). Anyway, because the maid is there, I decided to clean up my room as I thought she can help…

End up doing it myself and packed many other things uncleaned into my big red luggage. Will clean that up perhaps next week or two. And I can focus on slowly preparing for my trip =D Yippeee~ Oh and also to tailor some clothes! YES! And another thing, save the money! Arghhh… MONEY MATTERS AGAIN. Where am I to save so much money? *brain dancing around uneasily*

Things will sort out in the end,

The one who is ever positive (or rather… over-optimistic) LOL


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