Of gratitude

I am so happy and full of gratitude.
I live daily waking up being thankful.
I am so looking forward to next year =D
It is still a long time, well, not too long… not short too =P

I have already written a list and my list is growing! OMG
I do not know where the limit is.
Probably I will know once I am nearer =P
I have to save a lot too for now.
I am trying hard to be thrifty.
It seems hard too.
I have two best friends weddings coming up.
And Christmas is soon!
I do not want to miss those good moments too while moving towards my dream!

Many dream of great achievements at my age, especially in terms of career.
I might be slightly different!
I want to travel. And that is my biggest dream.
To travel freely.
BUT… it is wrong to say that I do not want to achieve something in terms of career.

I am just taking it slow and while moving towards creating my career…
I hope I can travel 😉
I really hope I can live in small cities, big cities, villages, any where! NEW! FRESH!
Merge myself with different cultures and be more forgiving.
I do not know where my future will bring me to.
But I am sure I am moving towards with thankfulness everyday.

Everyday that I can still wake up, eat, walk…
Yes, respiratory problems make me feel scared… scared that I cannot wake from my sleep.
Gastritis might be a problem… I will be seeing ANOTHER specialist again >< But it is also related to my respiratory problems
And of course, the old news, arthritis! I am afraid one day waking up feeling the acute pain I felt for months.
But I guess having all those fears but keep being grateful and thankful keep me moving.

I am also very thankful to have been born Bruneian.
Think of the medical fees I (or rather my family)… have to pay if it was not for Brunei Government?
And really thankful that I get a good opportunity.
When I come back, I dream of getting a good job which will give me more travel chances.
And of course to further my studies too if possible.

Loving life,
The one who is grateful for everything.


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