Of throat and scratches


Exactly my sentiments when the tube was removed from my throat. Did a gastroscopy. Tears just come flowing. Saliva all over the sanitary sheet below my head. I do not make any sense of the pain. I don’t know if that is pain? Before the procedure, they sprayed some stuff into my throat and made me swallow it to numb my throat. So, maybe I did not sense the pain but my body felt it? LOL I just know I was constantly gagging and at some point, felt violent coughs which I can’t cough out, stomach twitching  and quite a few weird moments in the stomach bag. The nurse kept calming me, patting me on my head and reminding me to breathe… I kept gagging and was a bit agitated, and some how was holding my breathe… felt like I was suffocated. Then the doctor kept apologising, maybe for causing the twitches when he was removing samples from my stomach. There was muffled sound — doctor was explaining to two other medical officers of my conditions. I was in a blurred state to actually listen.

After thing was out, I tasted lots of blood in my throat. Something was wrong, I figured. He says it is normal. They asked me to go for a breakfast since I fasted since last night. I rejected to wait for the results. I was not hungry at all. Hunger did not register until I got back to office. Just a short wait, the specialist see me and we discussed lightly about what is going on. He IS familiar. And I think I recognise him. He attended to my grandfather some seven or eight years ago! He must be 37/38 years old now. At that time, he was 30/31!!! Hehehe! *stalker*

Throat is painful now and the stomach feels funny. Maybe it felt it was raped. LOL. I won’t want to share much about the results today. I just hope I will recover in no time. And hope the biopsy result will be good too. New medication today, a more expensive alternative. 

If I wasn’t a Bruneian, I think my parents will go bankrupt. Even cheap antibiotics don’t work for me. I was at a clinic (partners with our company) to have my fever checked. They got me some similar antibiotics and I asked for something else, similar to the one given by the hospital to me. They told me that is very expensive and is not covered by my company =.= And thankful to be a citizen, after verifying my citizen status, I was also prescribed with some special ointments for my skin last year — last checked, it was RM150 or so for a small tube. Quite effective. But my body is really DDY!

I wonder what will happen if I am not a Bruneian. So grateful for everything. Life’s good!

Appreciative of everything,

The one who is still very optimistic!


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