Of forgetfulness and busyness

I have been wanting to blog for a week now but it has been seriously busy week…well I have been busy since October.

I forgot about what I so eagerly want to blog about already. I just realised I have quite a few things to do on top of my work agendas. I try not to bring work home as I know I can’t do much. But I can’t help.pondering over my work. Then and again, I haven’t finish uploading my Taiwan trip pictures! I wasn’t even half done!

Other than that… it is the weddings! Two dear friends’ weddings. And doctors’ appointments. I am nervous about biopsy result!!! *fingers crossed* I am sure I will be fine: D

I have been keeping myself busy and not think about that too much I can’t do anything about it anyway. I am now continuing my cross stitch: ) and I have been also busying myself with bridal shower and hen’s night for Emily. And her big day of course!  I had fun going back to DIY -ing things. And I am planning to start on quilting a blanket! Many said this could be a half hearted endeavour and I am over ambitious in trying to do one. But who knows? 😛

Till here for now! Toodles~
The one who yearns to travel healthily


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