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Of tough cookies and girls

November was a really busy month but I was grateful it was this kind of busy. Emily finally got married. I am very happy for her. I still feel slight regret for not making it to her wedding but when I think of what happened, it might have really been destined to not make it for her wedding.

In the first instance, if I had left the country, I would totally not be able to join her wedding. Staying back, I thought it is already a definite thing until something else happened. After the whole fiasco, one week later, I realized, I did not bring my passport and hence, whether anything happened or not, I would not have been able to join her wedding.

Nonetheless, the slight regret was nothing compared to the gratefulness I felt. In being able to be there for someone who is so so so dear to me. Perhaps I would not even realize it had this not happened. I am so glad that things turned out the way it is despite that someone is sick and had to undergo major surgery. I am very glad that tough cookie is alive and kicking. She is hard at work, working on those physio exercises.

It was really frustrating to find her in that state just because others were gullible enough to think that a ritual can cure her. I am so glad I was exposed to quite a many situations at different times of life before this. All those allowed me to realized what is wrong and was able to save her.

I would never wish I can turn back time. I am so happy she is such a fighter, such a tough cookie. Someone once said I am a tough cookie too. Perhaps I really am =) That someone whom once said I am a tough cookie, is now not a friend who care already. Perhaps others words really affected our friendship, but still I am thankful you made me realize I am a tough cookie and many around us are tough cookies, especially the girls ❤

Loving life,

The one who believes in being thankful.


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Of contentment

I feel so happy… so loved…

My colleagues came back (without knowing that the other one would do the same) with mamee monster for me. In my favourite flavour! Well, the only flavour I enjoy.

Just felt like the tears are going to trickle down my cheeks! I guess its little things that people do, that really touches your heart. Well, my heart.

I am so grateful.

Feeling loved,

The one who loves the feeling that contentment can bring.

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Of November and December

Oh my! I cannot stress how October was such a busy and hectic month! And when November comes, I was hoping for things to be in a better and happier state as the Christmas month is coming soon!

October was busy mainly because of last minute works and also two best friends’ weddings! I was so happy to be able to help prepare for them and also be there for them. As for last minute works. No. I do not appreciate those. I dislike it a lot. It is just like Party A gave Party B a project and to complete within one month. I was delegated by Party B regarding it and started getting things done very early and kept them updated so they can review and let me know of the amendments. YET, nothing was done UNTIL THE DAY OF SUBMISSION. WTF?! Nonetheless, I completed without fail.

There are also cases where I have already got the things done. Boss seen it and says he will discuss with me when he is free. He forgot and reprimand me. I took swift action to get him to discuss right after but to have him says give me fifteen minutes and we will discuss. After countless fifteen minutes, nothing is done yet =.=

Another case in point (!), I downloaded training materials as soon as I knew I needed to. Passed them on to be told on the day of the training that the materials are not complete. Well, not my fault as those were the only ones available. I had to photocopy hardcopies of them. I have to also type out the test paper in the approved format. All these took me one whole day! Can you believe it? I never knew photocopying stuff was this hard until I do it. Some more have to endure those uncooperative colleagues hard comments on why I did not do it earlier and have to do it last minute? WTF! It is not like I want to. 

There was a mistake in photocopying and I reported about it. Yet to have them chide me again for it. I was running out of time and I also realised/admitted to disarrangement of a page out of about 15 double sided pages of a set (out of seven sets) of training materials. I screw up the original one, thus I do not know which is which for the photocopied ones (I do not know if what I am typing makes any sense) But anyhow, I felt that having explained, I would expect things to be understood. Some more, he just say “ok, no problem, I understand etc.” But when the boss was commenting on it, he did not stick up for me. WTF. You know the feeling of betrayal and unappreciative works?
I am now continuing another work due soon and I am trying to get it completed but I have got a strong feeling, it will be another last minute agenda. So sick of all these.

I hope things are in for a good turn.. Christmas is coming! On a good note, grandma is recovering so well. And I just realised how cute my grandma is! I am really grateful that the higher power living high high above gave me the golden chance to save my grandma’s life. It is really good to see her getting on so well and with minimal complications!

I wish to welcome 2013 with a good mood =) Hopefully time flies and I get to explore more new places and countries. I am looking forward to exploring UK/Europe in 2014! Let good times come faster (and hope my pocket can be filled with countless money — greedy!) hahaha


Loving life and dishing the bad notes,

The one who is ever-optimistic!

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