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Of medical diary

Come to think of it… I should seriously start my medical diary without hesitation and procrastination…

Must I?
The one who is absolutely lazy.


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Of genes and choices

I have not much choices, do I? All I can tell myself is to be positive and happy. Either sad or happy,  life must go on. Why not choose the other way?

It is definitely not easier to just say I want to be happy. Really, easier said than done. I wonder what my future is like for now…  I certainly hope it is not one with regrets.

I have yet to travel the world. There is so much more to see, feel, experience etc. I haven’t step foot on a mny places!  Will I ever have the chance? Maybe it is not so bleak.

And at this moment, yet again, I am reminded of how cruel some “friends” can be… it hurts till today to have people say such brainless thing. Maybe they did not mean it really but maybe they did. I could not make myself believe they were unintentional. And all these make me question why life is unfair. I know it is bad to think they will suffer and have karma hit back at them hard. I feel so horrible thinking why it is me and not them? 😦 But really, why me? Why me???

I really hope to end this post in a happier note but I do not know how. Nonetheless, I am very grateful of the kind and encouraging words many of you, my dear dear friends, gave me… I will try my best to be strong. I will…

This is life,
The one who is trying to accept what life throws at her.

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Of 2013 and health

I was going to believe 2013 will be a better year. It is really hard ti tell though. It is just the start but a lot of bad news kept coming. It might turn for the better and become the best year! Who knows!

For the past week, I have been constantly hungry. Sigh. Thanks to the steroids I am on. I need to loose weight again now TT.. please stop being hungry: (

First time having ear infection. Waiting in the line now to get some ear drops. Hope it won’t be any longer!

For good health,
The one who is popping pills!

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