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Of brain and age

Oh myy! I can’t but realised that I have very poor memory. Perhaps I should stop thinking about having poor memory and start to think positive about having good memory.

Perhaps it is the lack of focus resulting in this. I shall empower myself better.

I hope…

Better memory for good times,

The one who revels in happy moments =D


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Of homo sapiens and greed


Sometimes it just intrigues me whether selflessness or selfishness is inherent in a person?


It just seems like many has the negative characteristics inherent in them. Perhaps it is the teachings of society. Our society.

还是因为, 性相近习相远?

I find myself so greedy at times and also selfish. The realization makes me feel horrible. I have always accepted that everyone, really, everyone… is bad, greedy, selfish etc to a certain extent. Just only this year, I start to see it from a different light. I hope I can be lesser of those.

I used to find myself greedy and not knowing how to express my gratefulness. I learn to express gratefulness few years ago, circa 2008? And most of the times I am very grateful for what I have and am. Just, I have to learn to even be grateful even if I am in a bad situation or unhappy moment. And, whether it is coincidence or fate, I stumbled upon the below thoughts of 张克凡:


























It takes a lot to totally be a full convert. I aim to be one.

Then again, around me, I do not know why, I feel uneasy too seeing people around me being greedy or selfish. It is so hypocritical of myself as I am too, to a certain extent. This is killing me. I am not able to share with many regarding this, except one or two.

An example, someone lost a hundred dollars note or say, a PSP. I can relate to PSP more. Once in Shanghai, we were walking towards Carrefour and saw it laying on the sidewalk. We picked it up and then replaced it again thinking the rightful owner will come back and not be able to find it again. So naive of us. When we finished shopping, we walked back the same way and found it missing. At that point, I realised, it must have been picked by others, rather than the rightful owner. But whoever that took it, also wouldn’t know how to return it to the rightful owner or perhaps could have tried for a few days and given up. I mean my conscience tell me not to pick that up if I cannot find the rightful owner and there is a possibility that the owner might walk back to where they were before in search of it. But others’ greed tell them, the owner’s bad luck and my good luck! It is hypocritical to point fingers at those who chose to pick up the PSP. If it was money, I guessed we probably would have picked it up and spend it amongst ourselves or perhaps donated when we could have to someone needy. But the main point is we took it.

Another example someone eating themselves into oblivion as long as it is free. I mean, yes, it is free, nothing wrong to eat. I would have eaten too. But everyone should know their own limit. If you are not hungry, you can eat to enjoy but don’t eat just because of the greed of heart. Moreover, if it is to be shared…

After saying all these, I feel so hypocritical again. I feel like just letting friends whom I care know that I know everyone has their negative characteristics. However, try to control them. Many things are out of our control, except one thing… OURSELVES.

Will I be able to control myself? If yes, how long will I change my mind again and stay that way?

Learning to be more grateful,
The one who want to be happy.

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