Of life and besties

I felt the urge to blog while just on the first point of this article (http://thoughtcatalog.com/2012/five-things-i-know-at-27/#Lo1il9EVF3JKM3xH.01). When I was on the second point, I could not hold it in anymore and decided to write. With Brunei’s internet speed, I got successfully logged in (with one incorrect password) after finishing the article.

I am a quarter of a century old and not living in denial, I have yet to come to terms with that. When people ask me how old I am, I at times just could not bring my brain to process that I am 25. I will just mindlessly blurt out that I am 24 only to realise that I am older than that. Some how just like how I cannot recall left and right (in whatever language/dialect automatically). My brain lags encountering the “old” age and directions LOL

It was also only recently I realised me and my best friends from high school past a decade of celebratory friendship which was left un-celebrated! We basically knew one another since we got into school (with exception to Emily who joined the school later) but then got really close and evolved to a familial relationship in secondary two. That’s from 2001! =)

We are now quite separated and do not keep in touch everyday. People might think keeping in touch everyday is what keep people close. It is not really the case for us, we meet up like perhaps once or less than once a month. With one in Australia, one in Singapore, one bound for UK, or otherwise living in a different city despite this being a small country… life and goals changed us. We are still good nonetheless and I sincerely thank the supernatural power somewhere high up there for this. We will come to celebrate more of good friendships. I cannot wait to grow old together despite still not accepting voluntarily that I am 25. haha… two-five now sounds so much like a taboo… hahaha

And in college, I reunited with my primary friends and met some new friends along the way, we do not really keep in touch much too. I try my best too but it gets tiring. But somewhere, we know we can talk to one another not feeling any awkwardness, and that is the awesome part. Perhaps many of my childhood friends left un-contacted, and perhaps we couldn’t even relate much to one another anymore, I am still very grateful there are still a handful I can banter with (I have a small class of schoolmates to start with, so a handful perhaps sound optimistic hahaha).

Along the way as I grew up and went to Paris. There I made some “adult” friends. The language limited me to just having them as “friends”. They somehow showed care too in helping me to learn French and made me a farewell steamboat meal (one of them worked for quite some years in Hong Kong and assumed all Chinese love steamboat)… I still remember them. Then a part-time job landed me with some friends not of Chinese descent hahaha… mind you, I am very close to them too. No racial hatred here.

Soon enough, I went for tertiary studies, I met with some friends that turned acquaintances and many friends that walked without looking back. Those were blissful times too as they walked with me through certain important times of my life. Perhaps memory isn’t as vivid for those moments, I am glad that I met more than a handful of friends to keep. 2009 and 2010 are the crucial years of friends making and perhaps I should initiate and tell them 2019 and 2020 are the years where we should have a good reunion. I wonder who will buy my initiation hahaha… (And I wonder if I will come across this blog post then to see my thoughts now — a little pandora box)

And in 2009, I also made some “international” friends that I very well cherish in Shanghai. Then when Ann came visiting, I also got the chance to meet with a handful and got on good with a few. I am glad we are still in touch. I have been so lucky all these years to get friends that care sincerely, perhaps those 2009 and 2010… It seems like I have so many friends to meet up with in 2019 and 2020 if I were to really think of those little mini reunions between me and them. I hope I would have saved enough to get those going.

Then I got to do a short stint in a local university and getting to know a few kind souls. At the same time, at work place, I got to know a few too. It just seems as I grow, I made less friends. I am not that keen too about making much new friends /shame on me. But more travelling happened. Well, since the day I stepped foot out of Brunei to Paris, things changed. I am glad for that as it feels like my dream of travelling since young slowly came about.

At one point I wanted to make a travelogue or at least just note down the places I have been to. Yet, I never started a real one because i could not really recall where I have been to and when, and perhaps with who! =C Oh, how my memory fails me.

Ahhh and why did I divert to travel?

Ohhhh… there comes a stranger who because a travel acquaintance and who then become a friend who I can share with. She told a beautiful story which I can relate to. No matter how flawed it was, it was beautiful because she survived, coming out stronger… Like I did. And for that we are beautiful. I look forward to meeting her once again and do more travels. And also during some small travels, I met with some kind souls too. perhaps not really good to a whole new level, but good to have that someone when I want to share. Life will always have a different meaning with different people you meet =)

And a special tribute goes to the technology. I cannot reiterate enough how technology bonds all of us. My family half way across the globe and then my friends. Thank you, Facebook. Thank you, Whatsapp. Thank you, Skype. And of course, thank you electricity and internet <3<3<3

Life and friends, along the way,

The one who cherishes friendship to a whole new level.


P.s. After typing this blog post, it somehow made me realised I have so much more to cherish. Life is really good.


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    […] now I wonder, when reading back at the previous post (https://unordinaire.wordpress.com/2013/05/28/of-life-and-besties/), how many remains as friends and how many more I will be acquainted […]

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    karen said,

    we will remain friends!!!!! hahaha.. n omg we know each other for 3-4 years!!! time flies!!

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