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Of reluctance and regret

I don’t want my uncle to have any more regrets. I feel the urge to let him know how my grandmother really is. Perhaps she has waited and stayed strong long enough. 

Last mother’s day, she was so happy with the bouquet my uncle gave her. Eventhough he wasn’t around. A long decade of waiting.

And perhaps to her, knowing her youngest son is alive and good is good enough. But perhaps not to him, he hasn’t hold her and seem her for one last time.

I feel so reluctant to have to break the news in our family xhat group but I braved myself to do it. My aunt should know too. She loves our family a lot. She should have time to reschedule everything and come back visit my grandmother.

Hoping for a big reunion,
The one who wish her grandmother can have more will to continue her breathe…


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Of the night

June is here. On this night, I feel exceptionally emotional. No special reason.

I miss my late grandfather and now that my grandmother is out on a doctor approved hospital leave, I still worry a lot about how she will be. Soon I will be away and I wonder how long more she can be with us. Monday her hospital leave ends and she has to go back to that cold place. I wonder if she is depressed staying there. I probably would.

Probably I should keep the vibe high and positive. Not probably, I totally should!

Let June be a good and rewarding month. I had been indecisive so many a times resulting in many losses. I shall also remind myself frequently to live the moment and always never make a regretful decision out of fear and the inability to trust.

Carpe diem,
The one who is learning to dance in the rain rather than waiting for the storm to pass.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; life is about learning to dance in the rain. Vivian Greene

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