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Of attitude and personality

I will be leaving my current job post soon to start a new adventure.

There is a new colleague here to take over what I am doing. But due to the nature of my work, many of the things cannot be handed over to him just yet.

Nonetheless, I started the hand over already. And in fact, I had very good first impression of him because I think he has the passion to do what will be his future job. Job or career, I am unsure but surely now it will just be a job for him.

As we go into the second day, the third day etc… I realised that he talk without really thinking. And perhaps too much of spoon feeding, he could not really do his job well. We started with newspaper clipping and doing it in chronological order will definitely be easier and more systematic. So we went through a pile of newspaper for June but the 30th June newspaper was missing. He told me, PERHAPS JUNE ONLY HAS 29 DAYS. wtf? I could only try to hold in my laugh that little bit and told him every month will have either 30 or 31 days except February. *continue hysterical laughs, not in his presence*

As simple as newspaper cutting, he sure did it quick but with lots of torn newspaper. Even quite a few with missing dates! Without dates, how you plan to file the newspapers? I mean, it is really good to be quick with a few errors but then to see errors every three to four newspaper clipping like missing date, missing parts (over-torn) or simply did not cut the supposed news clipping…what kind of job quality are you handing over?

The first time when I noticed he did not cut a clipping, his excuse was because it was on the last page of the sports section. The second one was on the main page @@ I did not even bother to listen to his excuse. If you cannot own up to your mistake, even such a small one, how will you own up to a BIG mistake? And you dare demand respect?

The newspaper issue aside, comes learning of the product. He knows he will be handling the products and so he has to read up on our product. He had an exam prior to the second and the third. So what makes him think that after one exam, he will be exempted from all others? He got really low marks i.e. 30% for second and third papers and I told him he has to re-sit the exams. He has the audacity to tell me that he did not know there will be exams so he just skimmed through the materials. I think he has to check with his brain to see if he realised he is under the product planning division =.=

I was pretty cool with all and took his nonsense in calmly. Until this one point, I taught him a very simple database key-in for the media analysis. The template is there, all you have to do is key-in. Well, when I first did it, I had to create the template. For sure there were many questions to but I made it clear to him and never seen him jot down any notes. @@ So be it, I even told him he can approach me again if he find any thing that he could not handle. And he come over with the littlest thing ever a few times. I answered to his question and he made me go to his table on the third time when I was busy doing some stuff. He cannot wait. Ok, I move.

I was asking if he knew how to use Excel. And he SARCASTICALLY told me “yeah, but that was like in Secondary Five”? And I asked him if he never used it in university. His answer was more sarcastic… I am a business admin student, not like an accounting student? This remark really sparked me off. I told him off by saying I am a Science student, not accounting student. If you cannot handle simple formulas on Excel, just own up!

Had he not been so sarcastic and rude, I would certainly have been nicer. why will you be ashamed of not knowing how to use the formulas on Excel? Was it because you feel challenged? Why feel so if you are ready to learn? If you are not ready to learn, perhaps you should really brush up on your skills before coming to work? I never mean to be mean!

He is definitely a weirdo and the first to say, isn’t me! On the second day of work, he was so new to all of us, he went up to OUR deputy marketing manager who was smoking then, to ask him if he realised smoking is bad for his health. Well, I did that to my marketing team but that was after I got to know them. It is their choice to smoke anyway. My reason for saying was of course more selfish, I do not want to be a passive smoker. HAHA…

Nevermind, I am ready to let go of all these. But my attitude will never ever be the same again. There is a saying that goes… Never mistake my attitude with my personality. My personality is who I am but my attitude depends on who you are. Or something along those lines.

Keep calm and move on,

The one with an attitude.


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Of mind and tranquility


This Chinese saying has been a very good one for me. 行到水穷处,坐看云起时。At different times, I understood different things just from this alone.

Life’s just a short play… one day we will look back and either laugh or cry about what happened. I hope my life is one filled with laughters and smiles.

Life’s good despite some negatives. Without them, perhaps we are unable to appreciate the positives as much. Trip to Cambodia was such an eye opener. I m very much humbled.

Love life,
The one who want to revel in happiness and everything good.

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Of saying goodbye


It is coming so near. Not exactly like tomorrow or next week. But this is enough to make me feel sad. I fear losing the connection…no matter how shallow. I fear the awkwardness…no matter how little. There is that small fear which is amplified.

I know things will not turn out as what I want it to be and I have to be brave. I must be brave. Brave enough to face the fear of losing the relationship, the connection, and everything.


Time perhaps?

Please let me be strong and brave,
The one who can do it!!!

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