Of love and stupidness

I hope I have the courage to tell her these: ” 人在做,天在看。你凭着什么在哪里理直气壮,无声嚷嚷?他的无语不代表什么; 只因他成熟、顾及大局。真看不过去!都几岁了,还透过面子书做这些幼稚的东西。希望你早日醒醒。”

Just because I am closer to him, I stick by what he is doing – ignore. Ignorance can sometimes really be a blessing.

BUT… I don’t know why I went and told him to go communicate with her and talk thing through like adults instead of letting her just post those FB pictures and statuses.

His reaction and misconception that she targeted me (I understood why) when I told him the aforementioned just some how showed how his ignorance is slightly childish. Wouldn’t it be better to thoroughly end everything if the intention is to let things fade away? If you are brave enough to start, why not to end too?

Then again, I might have perceived everything wrongly in my irritated state of mind. Or perhaps he/she/they saw through a larger state of mind.

Sorry for the pea-brain,
The one who perhaps care too much for a friend.

P.S. And if love really makes people stoop so low and turn super stupid… that is perhaps not unconditional love. And if it is an unconditional one, where do all these childishness stand in between??? I hope I will never fall in such materialistic and conditional love…ever.


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